Friday 31 July 2020

Friday Fics Fix - The Trick of the Detail

' was possible that they hadn’t thought through all of the consequences of Loki joining the team. They certainly hadn’t anticipated this one.'

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You know (or maybe you don't, in which case, lemme inform you,) I have a love of random-a** Avengers fics - add Loki to the mix?

Hell yeah, I am there!

Plus, there's a FrostIron relationship just casually thrown in there - and that's awesome-sauce.

(Fangirling notes: FrostIron is a sexual and/or romantical relationship between Loki and Tony Stark.)

I love FrostIron - because you can just see Loki and Tony doing that verbal-spat-but-in-a-flirty-way thing, y'know? 

They're both hard-shell, soft-centre, a**holes (in the nicest way! Lol.)

Loki, grinning wickedly: Oh, yes.
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OK, so the whole set-up of this fic is that Loki's turned over a new leaf, so to speak, renounced his villainous ways, and stepped into the path of the good and righteous etc. etc. by joining the Avengers.

...But they have some conditions. And a contract.

Because it's Loki.

But they really should've made sure that contract was water-tight.

Because it's Loki. If there's a loophole, he will find it.

So, yeah, he'll take on a magical apprentice, if that's what they want. 

Wanda? Where in the contract did they say it had to be Wanda? They never wrote a name, did they?

They just said he needed to take on an apprentice. So fine, he'll take on an apprentice. 

-But it'll be one he chooses.

...Cue hijinks.

(This one made me giggle, dearest nerdlets!)

This week's fic, then, is:

Friday Fics Fix is going on break for August, and will be back on 4th September 2020

Have you ever had a funny legal/rule loophole situation?
Do you like funny fanfiction?
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  1. I think the world needs more funny fics! I mean, drama is good. But sometimes you just need a little laugh :)

    1. Hell, yes! I love it if fics make me laugh! :) <3


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