Friday 25 September 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Fluffy Legends

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"Huh, who would have guessed a warlock of your measure could be swayed by snacks? And here I thought my charms were your only weakness,” she said.

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Who wants some fluff?

I think we could all do with fluff. Especially when it's superhero fluff!

Before we go any further, though! 

This post, and the fic I'm rec'ing, has some minor SPOILERS for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, ok? Ok.

So, this fic is a short and sweet (but suitably sassy,) snapshot of canonically Bi icon, warlock, and master of the occult, John Constantine (played by a Welsh actor (Matt Ryan) - honestly, can you get any better?) beginning to seriousify* his relationship with Zari.

John Constantine (Matt Ryan), drinking: One should never battle demons on an empty stomach
Via Giphy

Due to time-travel shenanigans, this is Zari 2.0, who is an alternate timeline version of the first Zari, and the version who is canonically interested in Constantine.

*It's a word now - shhhh.

This is nowhere near the weirdest thing that happens in Legends of Tomorrow.

I love this show and its randomness, so very, very, much.

So, since this fic is short'n'sweet, let's make this post short'n'sweet - this week's fic is:

domestic bliss by lovevalley45

Are you a Legends of Tomorrow fan?

Do time travel shenanigans confuse you? (They def. confuse me.)

Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. Time travel does confuse me quite a bit. The whole time through Avengers Endgame I was just like: huh???

    1. Yeah, see the reason for that is that there are plot-holes a mile wide with the MCU's time travel. Lol! XD


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