Friday 12 June 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Pride Fics Fest: Queer Canon!

Welcome back to Pride Fics Fest dearest nerdlets!

This week we're gonna look at those oh-so-amazing canonically Queer characters and relationships, and fanfiction that celebrates that.

For those who don't know, canon is the official stuff that's actually in the book or TV series or film or whatever, explicitly... opposed to stuff where you have to scramble around in the sub-text, or stuff which fandom picks up and Queers all on its lonesome ;)

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Let's start with the horror masterpiece I will never shut up about: 2009's unapologetically Queer Megan Fox film, Jennifer's Body.

In 2009, there was a girl named Jennifer Check, and in 2019 I rec'd Big Red by spheeris1 - a fic that is essentially a love letter to this under-appreciated film.

(Seriously, I'm never gonna shut up about this film! I love it so much!)

If canonically Queer superheroes are more your thing, then the Arrowverse (CW's DC TV shows) has got you covered.

Sara Lance to Mick Rory, drinking in a bar and wearing cowboy gear: Line them up.
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Sara Lance, former Black Canary, current White Canary, and Bisexual captain of a time-travelling spaceship means the world to me - she was the first woman I ever let myself admit that I was attracted to.

She turned up in my life at the right time, and for that I will always be grateful. She's also my fictional girlfriend/wife, k? ;)

I love watching Sara and her canon girlfriend, Ava Sharpe, because they're strong and fun and sweet, but also awkward and stubborn and... I love rep. like this. I just love it.

So, in the service of fics about slightly chaotic Sapphic women in a loving relationship, last year I recommended Sara & Ava's Uneventful Vacation in Las Vegas by althus.

Canonic Lesbian Alex Danvers is a character in the Supergirl TV series - which included a coming-out storyline which has been widely praised for being totally awesome.

This is a High School AU (Alternate Universe) fic with Alex, another Lesbian character, Maggie, and the non-canonically Queer version of Supergirl hersellf - Kara Danvers.

Also from Supergirl is the wonderful Nia Nal, aka Dreamer, a Transgender superhero played by awesome Trans actress, Nicole Maines.

Nia has a canon will-they-won't-they, on-and-off M/F relationship with cyborg alien Brainiac 5, and this relationship features in Virus of the Computing Variety by Namesake, which I first recced in May last year.

They actually have so many canonically Queer characters in the Arrowverse that I've only scratched the surface of their awesomeness! 

If anyone has any recs for Kate Kane (Batwoman,) (especially Kate/Sophie,) or John Constantine fics, in particular, then let me know!

Another beautiful canonically Queer superhero is from Netflix show The Umbrella Academy (which I will love to the ends of the earth - you know this!)

Klaus Hargreeves shaking his head and kissing his sobriety chip as he backs out of a rehab facility
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Klaus Hargreeves is a Queer Queen with addiction issues, and because LGBTQ+ people are LGBTQ+ whether they're in a relationship or not, in this post I wanna give you some smooshy family time for my dear Klaus.

All you need is someone who cares by bloodamber never fails to give me that warm fuzzy feeling - enjoy!

Any recommendations for fics with canonic Queer characters, dearest nerdlets? 
Especially for fics with Queer People of Colour (QPoC)? 
(I struggle to find fics with QPoC, so any help will be greatly appreciated!)
Talk to me!

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