Friday 5 February 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Metaphorical Dirt Angels


'Klaus also had a tattoo on his arm of an umbrella inside of a circle. That image was the symbol of the Umbrella Academy, a group that had caused a whole lot of dissension among the Avengers.'

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When we were small kidlets, my brother and I would play a game which we (completely imaginatively and originally) called Toy Story.

That meant that we could take the Barbies and Disney Princesses and give them 'storylines' - 

(see? I'm not the only weird kid in my family,) 

- that involved them having soap opera and political intrigue style shenanigans with our other toys.

(One of the benefits of having a brother and sister combo is that gendered toys aren't really a thing that you conform to unless you wanna get slapped repeatedly. #SiblingThings)

Klaus Hargreeves (Robert Sheehan): Where are you going with this?
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In fanfiction, you can play a similar game, called 'Crossovers.'

That means you can take the characters from one fandom and give them storylines that involve them having soap opera and... well, other types of soap opera... shenanigans with other toys characters from another fandom.

(And yes, you can get canon crossovers - but they're rarely as awesome 😜)

(Fandom notes:

Canon = the 'official' stuff in the book/film/TV series etc.)

So, if you have a team of superheroes - like, say, The Umbrella Academy - you can imagine a world where the Avengers inhabit the same city.

And then people who are as much MCU and TUA trash as I am will make metaphorical dirt angels in the results.

(Fandom notes:

TUA = The Umbrella Academy

MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel movies)

dirt angels = a TUA reference)

Jill and Klaus (...ish, superhero shenanigans) making dirt angels in the cult's garden
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Specifically, here we have Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon,) acting as the much-needed adult to a teenage (and 20s) Klaus Hargreeves.

It is very angsty, but also kinda soft and fluffy. Still, PLEASE pay attention to the Content Warnings list, ok? Ok.

It also includes mild SPOILERS and faffs around with various things in order to make it fit the story (which is fine, obviously, we're in crossover mode, so all things are allowed dammit! Lol.)

We also get some Klaus/Dave sentimental stuff that you know we all desperately need! 😅

So, it's time for the Content Warnings - please pay attention here because MUCH. THE. ANGST.

- attempted suicide and suicidal thoughts (MAJOR WARNING)

- substance and alcohol abuse and addiction


- discussions of war and combat

- grief and bereavement

- references to, and discussions of, child abuse and neglect

- references to prostitution

- references to violence and murder

This week's fic then, dearest nerdlets, is:

Wait for the Stars to Catch You by DoctorMerlinReid

What's the most random crossover you would love to see?

Do you like crossover fics?

Talk to me! 😂💬

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