Friday 22 January 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Slightly-Stabby Protectiveness


'Klaus had been… animate when describing each of his siblings.'


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OK, OK - I know, OK? I know.

...I rec'd an Umbrella Academy fic last week. I know.

I usually try to leave at least one week in between rec'ing fics from the same fandom (no, really, I do.)

You know what else I know? 

This week has been up there on the league-table of sh**ty weeks in my life -

(and there are some strong contenders in there,) 

- and by the time I remembered that I didn't have a fic rec prepared, it was Wednesday evening. That only gave me Thursday to actually throw this post together (...with much love and care, ofc!)

So I spent Wednesday evening speed-reading fics, and this is the one that stood out above the others.

(I'll attempt to rec from another fandom next week, but I make no promises.)

Why did this one stand out?

Well, for a start, the love and slightly-stabby protectiveness of the siblings in this fic was just the sort of family-based squishiness I needed this week.

Five Hargreeves (Aiden Gallagher) holding an axe
Via Giphy

But also - and this is the impressive part - it surprised me.

I read a lot of fanfiction, and for fics to pivot in ways that I don't see coming is quite impressive at this point.

...It's not even a plot-twist, it's just a different direction to what I thought it was gonna be.

And it has a lot of heart.

MAJOR content warning though - this fic discusses domestic abuse in detail.

The whole thing is basically the Hargreeves siblings worrying that Klaus may be in an abusive relationship, and it gives him some abusive exes as backstory in order to flesh it out.

So, yeah - CONTENT WARNING for domestic abuse.

A few other Content Warnings, because I read angsty stuff, clearly:

- references to substance abuse and addiction

- injuries and blood

- violence (inc., as mentioned, domestic violence)

- adult humour

- family issues, because Umbrella Academy

As always, pay attention to the tags, and be careful reading!

This week's fic, then, is:

He Was Always Scared by EyesOfCrows

Do you, dearest nerdlets, have any preference for how long I leave between fandoms for these posts?

What fics do you read when you're having a sh**ty week?

Talk to me! 💖💬

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  1. Aw, sorry you had a bad week, Cee! I'm always here to vent if you need it. Sending love!


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