Thursday 11 March 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - You're Like A Shadow That Never Hides


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It's Thursday, the world continues to be a weird and wonderful place, let's get some superhero-y, comics-y goodness!

TV Trailers

We have some more little trailers for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier!

They're gonna get on each other's last nerve, and I can't wait to see it!

(Warning: flashing images, violence)

Other Stuff

This video is the perfect example of why it's impossible to keep track of canon (i.e. official stuff,) in comics.

Here we have (the simplified, non-ret-conned, central universe, version of) Scott Summers' family tree.

(Warning: mild flashing images, brief semi-nudity due to a complete lack of covering women's chests in vintage comics, references to: violence, murder, slavery, foster care, general messed up comics shenanigans)

dividing line

And to end, as is traditional, with some shameless self-promo: last week's Friday Fics Fix talked Bucky Barnes and synaesthesia!

Have you also given up on keeping track of comics shenanigans?

Are you also hoping that Bucky and Sam get on each other's last nerve? (Lol)

Talk to me! 😆💬

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'You're like a shadow that never hides' is from Parallel Worlds by Elliot Minor*

* = commission link

Sharing and commenting is as awesome as a Bucky Barnes teddy bear (which is totally awesome, and something that I would 600% love to have) 💖

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  1. I don't think it can be an Avengers creation if some of the characters don't get on each other's last nerve. The sarcastic banter between characters is what I crave!


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