Friday 12 March 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Locked In Space


'Across the top of the control panel, the AI’s official designation read: Security and Hazard Emergency Response LOCK (S.H.E.R.LOCK)'

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You know I love originality in fanfiction dearest nerdlets.

And I have some more of it for you this week!

Because, honestly, what could be more original than an AU where Sherlock Holmes is a f**king SPACESHIP, and Watson is his pilot?!

(This works for pretty much any version of Sherlock Holmes, but is based in the BBC Sherlock series, because there's no way in hell that this wasn't invented by a Sherlockian.)

(Fandom notes:

AU = Alternate Universe. Like if you randomly decided that all of your characters lived in the Wild West or some sh**.

Sherlockian = members of the BBC Sherlock fandom; best known for screaming and making the word 'murder' sparkle)

John Watson (Martin Freeman): I had a row, in a shop, with a chip and pin machine *cuts to John struggling with a self-service checkout*
Via Giphy

This fic is well-written, and nerdy af.

(Always a good thing!)

It's heavy on the sci-fi side - and takes all the opportunities to geek-out about space, which is pretty awesome.

And the fic author seems to know what they're talking about (and, if it helps, the info was not contradictory to my general, but slightly limited, knowledge of space and physics and all that jazz.)

It also manages to slip some interesting questions in there - where is the line between intelligence and life?

If a computer is intelligent, if it can identify parts of itself which aren't working, if it can empathise with its human pilot... is it alive?

See - fanfiction, introducing the existential questions, one fic at a time! Lol.

A handful of Content Warnings to be aware of, dearest nerdlets:


- nightmares/night terrors

- panic attacks (mildly graphic)

- pseudo-injury (on account of sci-fi shenanigans)

- references to traumatic incidents

This week's fic, then, is:

A Little Less Lonely by TheAsexualofSpades

What's the most random Alternate Universe you've seen? (Either in fanfiction or in mainstream media!)

Can an AI ever be alive? (ooooh, controversial!)

Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. I am reading a Sherlock Holmes short story right now for my Victorian London course! This is my first interaction with Sherlock and Watson but it's pretty cool :)

    1. Oh cool! :) I've only read A Study in Scarlet - which is not great towards Mormons, and also v. random, but enjoyable!


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