Thursday 6 May 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - I'm Watching You Two From the Closet


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It's Thursday, it's May, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

TV Trailers

DC and Netflix released this trailer for an adaptation of Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth.

(Warning: implications of an apocalyptic pandemic, violence, persecution)

I can't help but think of Fall Out Boy's Sugar, We're Going Down* video when I see anything to do with Sweet Tooth, I can't imagine why... 

* = commission link

(Warning: violence, car accident, persecution, attempted self-mutilation, some sexual references)

Other Stuff

Marvel have announced the new dates for phase 4 - apparently 2020 put them behind somehow, can't imagine why /sarcasm - and bits 'n' bobs of what's coming up with Marvel movies.dividing line

(Warning: V. mild MCU SPOILERS, me getting extremely pi**ed off at Marvel's heteronormative b*llsh**)

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) director Kari Skagland has been talking about the Queer subtext in the show, and... *sighs* I'm so tired.

I'm so tired of Queerbaiting, followed up by fake-naive 'no homo, I don't know where you got the homo from, because these are just dudes being bros, just bros being dudes - two guys, sittin' in a hot-tub...' narratives.

There is no way in hell that Marvel, as a corporate and creative power, was unaware of the Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers decade-long Queer love story narrative, that was c*ck-blocked by the ending of Avengers: Endgame.

To then follow that up with obviously Queer-coded moments with both Bucky and Sam - you knew what you were doing, Marvel.

If you didn't realise that people would read a Queer subtext into two men rolling through a field together, then you should be embarrassed. 

Seriously. If that's the case, then I'm embarrassed for you. This is embarrassing.

And the problem is: Queer folks want this so. bad. and Bucky, in particular, means so much to us, that most of us - myself included - will keep watching.

We'll keep watching because we are so desperate for those Queer subtext moments which both hurt and soothe us at the same time - we are so desparate because we see ourselves in Bucky, yes, and because beyond that we are desparate to see people like us as the heroes.

Yes, even the traumatised ex-assassin heroes - to be honest, that's got kind of a poetic justice to it.

If you want more historical and social context, YouTuber Rowan Ellis made an excellent Queer superheroes video essay, which also included a discussion of the clear Queerbaiting in TFATWS:

(Warning: Marvel and DC SPOILERS; discussions of: violence, abuse, sexual assault/rape, murder, Homophobia and general Queerphobia - including the false association of Queerness with paedophilia)

Run-time: 47.07

dividing line

For some interview-y goodness from a superhero TV show which does include some explicitly Queer characters and storylines, check out this The Umbrella Academy (TUA) cast panel:

(Warning: SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!! discussions of sensitive topics, including (but not limited to): violence, murder, racism, addiction, cults. There's also some adult humour, because actor Robert Sheehan was present.)

Run-time: 38.21

dividing line

And to end, as is tradition, with shameless self-promo: last week's Friday Fics Fix talked TUA's Klaus and Dave falling in love, rom-com style, in an elevator.

Are there any films you're looking forward to from Marvel's phase 4?

What do you make of the Sweet Tooth trailer?

Thoughts on TFATWS' Queerbaiting? Are you buying Marvel's naive act?

Talk to me! 😇💬

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'I'm watching you two from the closet' is from Sugar, We're Going Down* by Fall Out Boy

* = commission link

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  1. So as you know I recently finished TFATWS (as well as the three Captain America movies), and I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to see Bucky not be queer. I know this is widely talked about in the fandom already but I had only seen it for myself recently. I know it would have been so powerful if Bucky was queer, but especially even Captain America, because he is one of the most powerful superheroes and would also help to dismantle notions of toxic masculinity. Marvel really missed the mark there.

    1. You know I love it So. Much. - But they keep doing this, and they *know* that they're doing it. They effing *know.* And then to have the cheek to act like, 'wow, where are you getting all this Queer stuff from? Lol!' is just hurtful. *sighs*


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