Thursday 22 July 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - For Every Time That They Want To Count You Out


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It's Thursday, I am melting under an 'extreme heat' official weather warning (help,) let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

TV Shows

The Loki season finale...


Loki in the TVA library: Shh.
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OK, I'm done.




...OK, now I'm done.

This is still a SPOILER-free zone, but there will be a SPOILER section at the end, which will be clearly labelled, OK? OK

Oh, and, as per usual, it doesn't count as a SPOILER if it's in a trailer. And Queer IDs aren't SPOILERS.

First off - that clock somehow got creepier.

I didn't think that was possible, but somehow we managed it. 

Maybe that was the purpose behind the hotel-from-The-Shining aesthetic at the TVA this whole time - to warn us that there was something creepy af lurking in there!

Speaking of aesthetics - the whole gold-veined-castle chic was really pretty and really gothicky. 10/10, would redecorate bedroom if I thought I could pull it off.

Now, Marvel - didn't we have discussions about you providing me with too much ammo for existential crises?

Because this last episode? This episode 6, right here? This one?

Was chock-full of existential crisis ammo.

Like, I'm not sure if I exist right now Marvel, and it's all your goddamn fault.

And this episode was just chock-full of all sorts of time travel plot f**kery.

Much the plot f**kery. Everywhere.

Like, episode 4 is supposed to be the point where the poop hits the fan dammit! How did you locate this much excess poop for fan-hitting purposes?!

Was anyone else wanting to get Loki a new shirt btw?

Like, his shirt was just getting dirtier and dirtier (and not in a fun way - in a bio-hazard way,) and I'm like, I know you can magic that thing so it doesn't look so goddamn nasty. 


( brain is weird, and I make no apologies.)

Also, we're getting a series 2!

Which hopefully will sort out the weird pacing, and cause significantly less existential crises. Oh, and let Owen Wilson say 'woah,' because a whole six episodes of Owen Wilson without a single 'woah' is weird.


Beware of SPOILERS!

OK - now. Hear me out.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston): few questions
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When Loki and Sylvie go to see Kang and he's all like, 'you have two choices' - why tf did they only consider those two choices? 

Just 'cos he said there's only two?! Cos he's not exactly proved himself trustworthy until this point.

Cos if it was me, and I was given the choice of 

a) kill Kang and allow a multiverse to exist, 

- or -

b) don't kill Kang and take over the running of the TVA as it was before, 

I'm gonna go with c) don't kill Kang, take over the running of the TVA - but -

- instead of letting it carry on as before, you slowly start to let new universes emerge in a semi-controlled fashion, allowing for more as time progresses.

You use the institutional structure of the TVA to prevent multiversal interaction and locate dangerous Kang variants.

And then if it turns out there's sh** Kang didn't tell you (because I get the feeling there would be,) then you can slap him and/or threaten to stab him until he spills the beans and helps you. 

Which you can't do with option a) because... well... dead.

Order and chaos, beautifully combined. #SorryNotSorry.

...Don't tell me Loki wouldn't come up with a different solution, or Sylvie wouldn't come up with a solution, or they wouldn't come up with one together.

Because if Yours Truly's first answer to a multiple-choice is 'none of the above,' then you can guarantee that a Loki would be setting fire to that false dichotomy immediately.

Also, why, Sylvie, why?

Loki to Sylvie: Love is like a dagger
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He basically told you that he'd let you do whatever so long as you took a breath and thought through the potential ramifications.

WTF was so unreasonable about that? Argh!


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    Yeah, so the clock did get creepy. I stand corrected, Cee, Miss Minutes is scary lol! She really took a turn haha.

    Sylvie.... WHY?! I really like her as a character and I understand why she reacts the way she does, but it was so impulsive of her. I really thought Loki would be able to talk her down, but she is just too damn stubborn, ugh!

    I can't wait to see what season two brings.

    1. I will refrain from saying 'I told you so' but I'm thinking it quite loudly ;) <3

      I know, right??? Like, now the poor dude doesn't even know what timeline he's in dammit! The TVA's not even supposed to be *part* of a timeline! Argh! Calm the f**k down and think things through Sylvie! Lol

  2. I don't have Disney+, and I also have not seen any Marvel movies except maybe one or two 😬, so I haven't watched Loki, but, uhhh, that gif on Twitter of him on his knees doing the hair flip has me real tempted 😂 I am curious though after hearing about it so much, so maybe one day. Also, aww thanks for sharing my post!

    1. Tom Hiddleston is an exceptionally attractive dude, and it def. helps! Lol.

      *Gasps* how dare you not be well-versed in the MCU! Just kidding, there's well over 50 hours of MCU content at this point, and I don't blame anyone for not having the energy for that! ;) And I made the decision to go for Disney+ because I haven't been to the cinema since February 2020, and Disney+ launched here in the UK in March 2020 - so it was v. much a cinema substitute and lockdown viewing!

      And no problem :) <3


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