Thursday 8 July 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - I Need A Drink, Whiskey Ain't My Thing


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It's Thursday, so let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness here on Dora Reads!

Movie Trailers

Marvel've released a few more Black Widow trailers ahead of the premiere release tomorrow (9th July)

So I thought I'd just share the film-clip one, because the others are circa 15 seconds long, and give us nothing new.

This, on the other hand, gives us something new - she said super-soldier. *gasps*

Warning: flashing images, threat of violence, prison

TV Shows

OK... Loki episode 4

*muffled screaming*

This is still a SPOILER-free zone, but with 2 rules:

1. If it's turned up in a trailer, it's considered public knowledge

2. Queer IDs are not SPOILERS


(And yes, I'm an episode behind #DealWithIt)

Clearly, episode 4 is the point in which Disney+ Marvel series(eses) set out to let the poop hit the fan.

And boy, did the poop hit the fan. 

There was so much stuff going on here, without ever feeling rushed and the actors were amazing at showing the goddamn nuance and complexity of emotion of... all the things going on.

*Dances delicately around SPOILER-related sh** going down*

Loki showing Sylvie shiny sparkling firework magic
Via Giphy

My biggest problem with this episode is that it missed a huge opportunity to explore the Gender-Fluid part of Loki's character, via Sylvie's back-story. 

But I will give Marvel a little leeway, in that they're still clearly trying to figure out how to do actual, real, on-screen LGBTQ+ rep. in any way, shape, or form. 

Only a little, though, cos there's progress but... they need to do so much better.

Still, while this would've been the easy way to explore Loki's gender identity, it's not the only way - and maybe they didn't feel the need to take the easy way (although, taking any way forward on this would be great, Marvel, thanks.)

Also this episode had big 1984/Big Brother vibes, right?

Like, the posters at the TVA (which, by the by, still v. much looks the hotel from The Shining #JustSaying) were giving me big Orwellian dystopia vibes.

(Like, actual Orwellian dystopia vibes, as opposed to whatever it is internet trolls think Orwellian is because, my dearest nerdlets, there is no way in hell Orwell would be a Trump supporter. #HistorySaysNo)

...I feel like even Orwell would've been like, 'nah, I'm out' when it comes to the timekeepers though.


I can't say more, because SPOILERS, but whew!

I'm both scared and excited at where they take things from here, tbh.

Guess I'll have to wait and see!

Other Stuff

A few weeks ago, Anthony Mackie said some stuff that was... clumsy, re: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's (TFATW's) Queerbaiting.

There's a lot of contextual stuff going on here, and YouTuber Jessie Gender made an excellent video exploring all of the - *dramatic music* - nuance and issues surrounding the whole thing in a much better way than I could.

Warning: mild flashing images, mild adult humour, discussions of Homophobia/Queerphobia and racism

run-time: 36.21

dividing line

And to end, as is traditional, with some shameless self-promo, you can check out my thoughts on Loki, episode 3, on Medium here, or right here on Dora Reads in last week's Comics Wrap-Up here

Are you looking forward to Black Widow?

Enjoying Loki so far?

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  1. What a cliffhanger at the end of episode four! I watched it late at night and literally it took me so long to fall asleep lol.

    That Anthony Mackie news was certainly complicated. I think Mackie is a nice guy, but he definitely should have chosen his words more carefully. I liked how Bucky and Sam were close friends without being concerned about toxic masculinity, but Mackie needs to realize that shipping two fictional characters can bring a lot of comfort to queer fans.

    1. Yup! They delight in tormenting us with the episode four cliffhangers dammit! ;)

      I think it was clumsy, and misguided, on Mackie's part, rather than malicious - and my blame is still with Marvel on this. They've created this situation, Mackie and Stan are just the public face of it - and it's an impossible situation for them to be in, albeit Mackie could've def. done better.


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