Friday 22 October 2021

Friday Fics Fix - What If Zemo Was In the Zombie Apocalypse (With Bucky)?


'...he smiled, apparently amused. “The apocalypse seems to make for strange bedfellows. A Sokovian Baron and a Winter Soldier walk into a bar.”'

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Due to the current vastness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU - the Marvel movies) sometimes it can be difficult to explain where, within the sprawling fandom and its sub-fandoms, fan-created content fits in.

This week's fic is mostly based on the Marvel's What If..? zombies episode, but also reaches into the main continuity, and hoiks out Zemo, dropping him into the zombie-ness so that he can play too.

While Zemo was present in Captain America: Civil War, he really came into his own in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS.) Civil War has happened in this universe (or at least, the fic author presumes,) but TFATWS hasn't.

So the TL; DR of this intro is:

1. Marvel characters with zombies.

2. Like the What If...? episode, only also with Zemo.

3. The Zemo we know from Civil War

4. But not the same Zemo as the one we know from TFATWS

5. I apparently struggle to make things easy for myself - so much so that I need a TL; DR for the freaking introduction 😅

6. I'm very tired - can you tell?

Zemo (doing the head tilt): Fair.
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Right, I think that just about covers the set-up...

*prods suspiciously with foot*

...yup, we got Zemo, Bucky, zombies - we're ready to go!

I wanted to rec. this primarily because it's an opportunity to shamelessly slide some Bucky-Barnes-related content into my October fanfiction posts.

(Well - some more Bucky content. I snuck some in a few weeks ago, too. 😅)

So, yeah, this is superheroes - but just add zombies for Halloween! 😉😎

Plus - y'know, well-written fic with careful and nuanced characterisation?

Of course I was going to rec it! 😁😅

This is a slow-ish fic, looking at what would happen if Bucky came across Zemo in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, and they took cover together, just for the night.

(No, sadly it is not Queer - though you can imagine it is, and I will fully support you 😉)

Oh, and there are SPOILERS for the zombies episode of Marvel's What If...?, as well as a bunch of the Marvel movies.


Some Content Warnings for this fic:

- zombies (oddly enough)

- pseudo-cannibalism (b/c zombies)

- violence

- blood

- mild gore

- murder

- death, grief, bereavement

References to:

- torture

- mind control

- war

- Nazis

...I think that's everything, but as always, be careful in case I missed something!

This week's fic, then, is:

the conversation we had as the world went to hell by Spintwin

Did you like the zombie episode of What If...?

Do you think Zemo would be useful in the zombie apocalypse?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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