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Comics Wrap-Up - I Told This Kid I'm Ready For A Fight


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It's Thursday, it is December somehow, this is Dora Reads, so let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

TV Shows

OK, so let's talk Hawkeye eps 1 & 2 - there's a SPOILER section and a non-SPOILER section for episode 1, the SPOILER section is clearly marked because I'm nice to you all.

There's no SPOILER section for episode 2.

Anything that's in the pre-series trailers is not considered by yours truly to be a SPOILER - so be aware of that.

Hawkeye - episode 1

There I am, watching and thinking 'wow, this is so close to the Matt Fraction comics run - it really has that vibe and I love that' and wouldn't you know it - Matt Fraction is a consulting producer!

So that makes sense and is totally awesome. 

Because there's no-one on God's green earth I trust to do right by Clint Barton and Kate Bishop more than Matt Fraction. So happy right now! 😁

Kate rocks, obviously.

I love that she rocks here - that Hailee Steinfeld has got her down so quick.

And Steinfeld in a tux is something that I need more of in my life - and I love that she's herself and wears suits instead of whatever dress her mother picked out for her, cos that's Kate, y'know?

Illustrator poster-style gif of Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) holding a bow and arrow with snow falling in the background
Via eumutante @ Giphy

OK, so Clint's in New York to see Rogers the Musical with his kids and do some Christmas shopping, etc.

Whose idea was it to watch Rogers the Musical, anyways? When was this ever gonna be a good plan for Clint?

Can you imagine watching a musical that depicts some pretty serious cr*p that you and your friends went through? That would be super weird.

(...But I also like to imagine that Bucky and Sam bought him the tickets, and the kids found out before Clint could rid of them, and then he had no choice but to go. Because that would be amazing. 😜)

Hearing aid in Clint's very first scene!

Yes, this is Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, and I'm loving it!

If you've been around Dora Reads for a while (love you!) then you'll know that letting Clint Barton be deaf in the MCU has been something I've wanted for years


(See, Marvel? Things are good when you listen to me. Now let Bucky Barnes be Bi.)

SPOILER section!!!!!!!!!

This episode is titled 'Never Meet Your Heroes' - and honestly, at points I thought they'd never freaking meet!

Look, I know we have a lot to establish in first episodes but if you know they've gotta team up, we know they've gotta team up, and the man on the freaking moon knows they've gotta team up (and I mean, Luther Hargreeves is pretty oblivious. #TUAReferences) - then honestly?

Just get on with it.

Let them team up.

You can even give us the other stuff in flashbacks or '10 minutes earlier's or whatever. Just stop dangling the carrot and then only giving it to us in the last 5 minutes. It's annoying.

And speaking of that last 5 minutes... 

Clint, did you not hit her 'cos she's a girl? Because I'm not sure whether that's decent (because beating up women is a douche move,) or it's sexist (because you think that girls can't stand up for themselves,) but either way, if that was Natasha, you'd be dead by now.

Or maybe you didn't hit her 'cos you think she's twelve - that's a much better option, because hitting kids probably doesn't work in your papa bear rulebook. *nods sagely*

End of SPOILER section!!!!!!!!!

Hawkeye - episode 2

I know we got a good dollop of the mother's fiancee's smarminess last episode, but my God I wanted to slap this man in the face!

That is an actor doing an exceptional job at being unlikeable ( least, I hope it is 😅)

Clint unintentionally LARP-ing is something I did not know I needed in my life.

Also, his reactions to this increasingly bizarre sh** going on is perfectly balanced between bitter old man, totally bemused bystander, and snark-meister who's secretly loving this. 

10/10 to Jeremy Renner on all points.

The Tracksuit Mafia are perfect in their ridiculousness, and I love it.

And I love Clint's interactions with them, too. Snark x 100.

And the molotov cocktail moment that we saw in the trailer is still freaking amazing.

Guy in a red tracksuit throws a molotov cocktail through the window. Clint (Jeremy Renner) catches the molotov cocktail like a freaking legend, and throws it back
Via Giphy

Clint and Kate together are perfect.

They're just... argh! Love it so much!

The only thing is I wish they would, y'know, explain sh** to each other and/or ask the relevant questions - but then, that's kinda in character too. 

And is pretty much a staple for Hollywood writers in its capacity for misunderstandings. So, there's that.

I get why they released the first two episodes together

- except for the Christmas timing etc. of course -

cos there's definitely a feel that this is the pay-off from episode 1, where we get the action from last episode's set-up.

This episode was solid - and structured v. well, in case Marvel are still taking notes from me (which, of course, they should be 😉😎😅 )

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dividing line
And to end with yet more shameless self-promo, last week's Friday Fics Fix talked Marvel fanfiction, serving up some good ol' Loki angst.

Have you seen Hawkeye?

Are you a fan of the Matt Fraction comics?

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