Tuesday 15 February 2022

Micropoetry - January 2022

Here we are with more of my micropoetry!

Woo! (Lol.)

I have absolutely no idea where the first one, in particular, came from - it was just one of those things that wouldn't leave me alone, y'know?

And the best way to deal with that is to get it out and into the world, in my experience!

It's also written partially in my accent (which is why it's don' le' instead of don't let,) because it just didn't feel right written in full - I don't know why, I think it threw the rhythm off or something *shrugs*

And the other poem I've got for you this month is a haiku.

- Just because, really 😅

As always, for those using text readers, the poetry is in the alt-text of the graphics.

Line breaks are marked with a /

17th January // Please / don' le' the // smoke // choke me // The flames burn / but the // Storm // Woke me

dividing line
21st January // Winter skin is parched / Parchment waiting for spring to / Rewrite the old lines

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  1. I agree that when a piece of writing won't leave you alone, you've gotta just put pen to paper. Love these, Cee!

  2. Love them both! You manage to say so much in so few words.


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