Wednesday 11 August 2021

Micropoetry - April + July 2021

 ...because I wrote one piece in April, and then there was a big gap 'til the next one in July *shrugs*

Apparently I was having a Shakespearean references moment in April. 

And was feeling things about Wales and our place in the world - and within (or maybe not) the United Kingdom - in July.

Y Ddraig means The Dragon in Welsh. You can check out a pronunciation here if that's something you're interested in.

So - this is what came out of all that! Enjoy!

As always, the poetry is in the alt-text for those who use screenreaders, with / marks showing line breaks

12th April // This brave new world /With such people in it / Begins the new symphony / Before the last is finished; / The movement's birth pangs / Mingle with the deathbed's knolls. / The old guards cry havoc! havoc! havoc! / Let slip the culture's war. / Welcomes this raw world / With our people in it.
dividing line
19th July // Uncurls tail from snout / Opens one eye / A low grumble, deep in the core / Is it time? // Keeps wings furled / Contains heart's flames. / Not yet. / Rest. / Heal. / Yearn. // Y ddraig slumbers / Lighter than before. / Light enough / To wake if called // When they are ready / Ddraig will roar

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  1. I love these poems, Cee! I think the Welsh flag is so cool, although I assume very difficult to draw. But the symbol of the dragon is so epic! All we have is maple leaf, which isn't nearly as powerful lol.

    1. Thanks Em! <3

      We totally win flags ;) But yeah - getting us to draw them in school was a special kind of punishment. The nicer teachers would print out blank ones and we'd just have to colour them in or stick pieces of coloured paper to them :)


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