Wednesday 16 March 2022

Micropoetry - February 2022

Micropoetry time!

*cue imaginary jingle of your choice*

These are a bit more *waves hands vaguely* context-dependent than my usual micropoetry, so a little background info:

The second one (let's start at the end, why not?) is kinda based in all the sh** going down in the world right now.

The first one is very specifically about Partygate. 

I actually posted it on Twitter with hashtags calling for Boris Johnson to resign, so yes #political. You know I don't care whether you agree with me or not, and that's fine.

And I'm overly-pleased with myself for the 'Eton mess' bit, which probably makes zero sense to those of you who aren't British, but at least I amused myself!

So here we are, February's Micropoetry!

As always, for those using screen readers, the poetry is in the alt-text with / marks showing line breaks.

2nd Feb  //  Ignore / the sacrifice / we made / To you the bills / all come pre-paid / But there's a piper / here who played / while you all made / Eton mess  // Still you're out in the garden / Not part of our bargain, / Let them eat cake / and drink wine  // Not a care / For the graves / that you're dancing on

dividing line

24th Feb // Feels like the world is spiralling / Going faster in the wrong direction / We cling on and dig our heels in / Hoping helplessness passes us by // Breathe in and out. / Hope tomorrow's better. / Because it's all we have.

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