Thursday 14 April 2022

Comics Wrap-Up - Leave the Precious Cinnamon Roll Alone!


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It's Thursday, I'm not entirely sure where the week went, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

TV Trailers

Another awesome trailer for Ms Marvel!

Warning: flashing images, general violence

Film Trailers

The Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness marketing train has fully pulled out of the station with a whole bunch of new trailers, so here's the main one:

Warning: flashing images, general violence, horror elements

TV Shows

Moon Knight episode 2 time!

As with last week, there'll be a SPOILER section, which'll be clearly marked after the non-spoiler-y stuff.

OK, full disclosure to start off with: I keep getting distracted by Ethan Hawke's hair.

It's just got this... floof to it that I can't quite ignore. 

Like, I'll be totally in a scene and then I'm just... distracted. By his floofy, floofy, hair.

I can't help it, OK? 😅😂

So aside from the Bucky-in-Wakanda hair-vibes from Hawke, the stand-out so far has to be just how much I love Steven Grant as a character.

Like, he's just an ordinary bloke who has had the most surreal sh** happen to him in the last few days - 

what with the ancient Egyptian mysticky stuff combining with the mental health problems stuff 

- and literally no-one is equipped to deal with this!

And this beautiful human being still sees something - batsh** though it may be - that isn't right, and says so.

He's not comfortable with just staying quiet when there are people thinking that the worst sh** is OK, and trying to sell him on it.

Despite the fact that he is way, way, out of his depth, he's still like: no, this isn't right. This is messed up.

Total legend 💖

I'm not sure how I feel about Marc yet.

Like, he's clearly protective of Steven, but he's also emotionally constipated and not big on the whole 'communication' thing.

So many problems in TV shows etc. would be solved if people actually talked to each other! Lol. (...I'm guessing that it goes double for two characters who are literally sharing a body!)

Khonshu (big mystic dude with a bird skull head) talking to either Steven or Marc
Via Giphy

Khonshu (big Egyptian mysticky God dude,) is rude af, btw.

Like, it's one thing being rude to Marc, who - however indirectly - did sign up for this sh**. 

But you leave the precious cinnamon roll that is Steven Grant the hell alone Khonshu!!! Lol.

One thing I will give to Khonshu, though, is that the horror elements stuff is still awesome.

Like - it's perfect, tbh.

Simple and affective - 10/10 for the horror stuff, Marvel.


OK, Steven's face and the way he handled the gun in the storage locker was amazing.

Because I am 99.99% sure that Marc doesn't have the correct licence - 

and even if he did, we have storage rules for guns here that require them to be stored securely in a gun cabinet, for example, not just in a random holdall in a storage unit. 

- Our gun control laws - while they could definitely do with some tightening up here and there - are pretty strict.

Average people here are not familiar with guns, are not familiar with handling guns, and often we haven't even seen a gun up-close IRL. means people get shot less. Which, y'know... it's a good thing. #JustSaying.

(And actually, our constitution once said we have a right to bear arms too. Until we decided that was effing stupid, and got rid of it.)

So his reactions? 100% British. 100% amazing!

Likewise, I was suspicious of the 'police officers' straight away, because they broke pretty much every protocol for arrest that we have here.

...Like, if they had been legit., I would've been asking for their badge numbers, because they did nothing right!

Steven's employers are on dodgy grounds by sacking him, too -

(US translation: shaky grounds by firing him)

- when HR openly admits that he has mental health problems, and that that's probably what led to the bathroom incident.

That's potential grounds for a discrimination suit under the Equality Act 2010. 

Albeit the toilet vandalism strengthens the museum's case, and Steven doesn't seem like he has enough cash to take them to tribunal. 

Employment law is out of reach for many normal workers #SadButTrue. I'm sure Marc has some cash sloshing around - maybe Steven can borrow some! 😅

Side-note: I totally love that this is what Steven thought of when he heard the word 'suit':

Steven dancing around in his white suit
Via Giphy


Other Stuff

To end, as is traditional, with some shameless self-promo:

Have you been watching Moon Knight?

Are you looking forward to Doctor Strange, or Ms Marvel?

Talk to me! 😘💬

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  1. Yes I am looking forward to Ms. Marvel!!!! I love that series so much. The Pakistani representation, the fun, youthful energy of it all??? Yes please!!!


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