Sunday 31 July 2022

Nerd Church - Some Reminders To Myself (And Maybe You, Too)


'Some Reminders To Myself (And Maybe You, Too)' with a pretty purple-y sky background

It's been a rough week, mental-health-wise.

So I figured I needed to remind myself of a few things - and hopefully some of them will be helpful reminders to you, too.

Disclaimer time: I am not any kind of mental health, medical, or psychological professional. I'm a chick with a blog.

  • Your worth is not dependent on how hard you work

  • Your worth is not dependent on how much you do or do not get done in a day

  • It's OK to be tired, even when you think you 'shouldn't' be - the world is a tiring place, and Depression and Anxiety are tiring enough all by themselves

  • You are not useless; you are not worthless

  • You are not a failure; you are not pathetic

  • Other people's milestones do not apply to you, it doesn't matter if you haven't met them

  • Your capacity to love and be loved is not affected by the number of relationships you've had - or terminal-feeling lack thereof

  • You have mental health problems in a global pandemic while climate change sinks in and there's war in Europe - you're an actual bada**

  • Yes, you're an actual bada**

  • Your worth is not dependent on how much money you have

  • Your worth is not dependent on your level of perceived attractiveness

  • ...And you probably look better than you think you do

  • Age is a number - nothing less, nothing more

  • Mental illness is not your fault

So that's some stuff I needed to tell myself! Hopefully it helped some other people out there too.
Do you find yourself having to teach yourself the same lessons over and over?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Aw, Cee, I hope you feel better :( These are all great reminders.

    1. Thanks Em. <3 I had a couple of horrible days last week, but hopefully things'll be better now (fingers crossed)

  2. Sorry you've had a rough week. I hope writing these affirmations out helped you to feel better. I definitely needed to hear these. I'm off work right now and I find it so hard to just rest. I always start beating myself up for not being productive.

    1. Thank you <3

      I'm glad you found them useful to hear :) <3


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