Friday 21 October 2022

Friday Fics Fix - Needy. After.

'Something about her made his skin crawl.'


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I can't let an October go by without visiting the fandom of Sapphic masterpiece Jennifer's Body, now, can I?

For those who are (sadly) unaware, despite the resurgence in its popularity, Jennifer's Body is a 2009, explicitly Queer, horror movie, starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried.

(Yes, explicitly Queer. Don't let people 'Gal Pal' Jennifer's-freaking-Body: it is Sapphic, Harold.)

This is a short and really well-written fic, set after the events of the film.

And you know I have no choice in the matter: I find a well-written fic, I have to rec. it. It's the rules.

Needy Lesnicki putting on her glasses
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This is from the perspective of a (slightly pervy) truck driver, who picks up a wayward hitchhiker, a young woman who quite frankly gives him the creeps...

It's great. I loved it.

I love fics that look into what happened with Needy Lesnicki after. (Y'know, after.) And this has just enough detail to scratch that itch, without truly being there, with Needy.

And I kind of love this fic author's interpretation of Needy after.

It works for her. It acknowledges that Needy and Jennifer are different people, who are going to react in different ways. 

Needy is the targeted box-cutter, rather than Jennifer's indiscriminate blender.

And it's also a practical and smart way to continue - which fits Needy, fits that righteous anger and dogged determination that bubbles throughout the film.

I loved it.

Some Content Warnings, then, dearest nerdlets:

- horror elements (inc. supernatural stuff)

- pervy male character

- self-harm (...ish)

- blood

- murder

- violence

- cults

References to:

- hunting and carcasses

- sex etc.

This week's fic, then, is:

if you meet the devil on the road (beware she doesn't kill you) by Aleph (Immatrael)

Are you a Jennifer's Body fan?

Do you like fics which explore what happens after the 'end' of the source material?

Talk to me! 😇😈💬

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  1. I love any content that explores the "after." Buffy comics do this a lot, and it adds some life and answers some questions I may have on the characters. Even though fics may not be canon, they still help to answer these questions.

    1. I love the variation that comes with different fics exploring the after of the same media - it's like a 'what comes next' challenge or something! :)


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