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Friday Fics Fix - Pride Fics Fest: Sandbox Love Never Dies


And we're here! It's the last week of my Prides Fics Fest, where for the month of June, I give Friday Fics Fix over solely to LGBTQ+ fics!

Which isn't much of a change, because fanfiction is Queer af, but this month has focus and everything! 😅

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'Needy wraps her hands around the smooth wood handle and takes a deep breath. Then she raises the shovel and stabs it into the earth.'

Jennifer's Body is a, thankfully renaissance-having, staple of Sapphic culture.

For years, this Queer horror classic was maligned by A-hole, Allocishet (non-LGBTQ+,) male critics and audiences, who didn't effing get it!

And while, somehow, YouTube bros still designate Jen and Needy 'gal pals' and 'such good friends,' -

(I've literally seen more than one YouTuber do this - I've even seen a Queer male YouTuber do this, saying that the representation isn't 'explicit' - my dude, they have a make-out session. 

Heteronormativity is a b***h.)

- it is finally being recognised as the masterpiece it is.

Sandbox love never dies.

(Fandom notes: 

For those who aren't familiar with said masterpiece, 'sandbox love never dies' is what Needy says as narrator when she's introducing us to Jennifer)

Jennifer Check (Megan Fox): I am a God
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This fic picks up after the end of Jennifer's Body, and the way it does so is pretty inventive.

It manages to reunite Jen and Needy in a creative way, and it does so confidently - which is important, because it means the reader doesn't doubt the fic author's belief in the scenario they've created.

And it also doesn't feel forced - all in all, pretty impressive.

It gets a little weird - but then, Jennifer's Body is a Queer horror movie about a possessed cheerleader.

So... I think the ship has long sailed on 'normal' 😅

On a less positive note - there are some close-to-the-line mental health jokes in this fic. 

I thought they were just about OK. But just about OK is skirting it fine, and I totes understand if it ain't for you.

I think one of them is about eating disorders, either that or I've entirely misinterpreted it, so, as always keep safe dearest nerdlets!

Some more Content Warnings for ya:

GRAPHIC warnings for:

- murder

- dead bodies

- gore

- wounds

- blood

- general violence

Other warnings:

- mental health 'jokes'

- grief

- sexual references

- horror/occult elements

- dark humour

As always, I may've missed something, so be careful.

Oh, and there are SPOILERS, ok? SPOILERS everywhere here!

This week's fic, then, is:

in the dark, with your beating heart by Abigail (artyandabby)

Friday Fics Fix will be going on break until 6th August 2021.

(Check here for more info on my summer blogging schedule)

Are you a Jennifer's Body fan?

Do you think it's finally getting enough recognition?

Talk to me! 😈😇💬

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  1. I've actually never seen Jennifer's Body, but I think I have to now that I see all the recognition it's getting. I think more female pop stars are taking inspiration from it in their music, for example I love what Olivia Rodrigo did to pay homage to the movie in her Good 4 U music video. It looked really cool!

    1. I haven't seen that vid - I'll have to check it out! :)


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