Friday 25 June 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Pride Fics Fest: Sandbox Love Never Dies


And we're here! It's the last week of my Prides Fics Fest, where for the month of June, I give Friday Fics Fix over solely to LGBTQ+ fics!

Which isn't much of a change, because fanfiction is Queer af, but this month has focus and everything! 😅

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'Needy wraps her hands around the smooth wood handle and takes a deep breath. Then she raises the shovel and stabs it into the earth.'

Jennifer's Body is a, thankfully renaissance-having, staple of Sapphic culture.

For years, this Queer horror classic was maligned by A-hole, Allocishet (non-LGBTQ+,) male critics and audiences, who didn't effing get it!

And while, somehow, YouTube bros still designate Jen and Needy 'gal pals' and 'such good friends,' -

(I've literally seen more than one YouTuber do this - I've even seen a Queer male YouTuber do this, saying that the representation isn't 'explicit' - my dude, they have a make-out session. 

Heteronormativity is a b***h.)

- it is finally being recognised as the masterpiece it is.

Sandbox love never dies.

(Fandom notes: 

For those who aren't familiar with said masterpiece, 'sandbox love never dies' is what Needy says as narrator when she's introducing us to Jennifer)

Jennifer Check (Megan Fox): I am a God
Via Giphy

This fic picks up after the end of Jennifer's Body, and the way it does so is pretty inventive.

It manages to reunite Jen and Needy in a creative way, and it does so confidently - which is important, because it means the reader doesn't doubt the fic author's belief in the scenario they've created.

And it also doesn't feel forced - all in all, pretty impressive.

It gets a little weird - but then, Jennifer's Body is a Queer horror movie about a possessed cheerleader.

So... I think the ship has long sailed on 'normal' 😅

On a less positive note - there are some close-to-the-line mental health jokes in this fic. 

I thought they were just about OK. But just about OK is skirting it fine, and I totes understand if it ain't for you.

I think one of them is about eating disorders, either that or I've entirely misinterpreted it, so, as always keep safe dearest nerdlets!

Some more Content Warnings for ya:

GRAPHIC warnings for:

- murder

- dead bodies

- gore

- wounds

- blood

- general violence

Other warnings:

- mental health 'jokes'

- grief

- sexual references

- horror/occult elements

- dark humour

As always, I may've missed something, so be careful.

Oh, and there are SPOILERS, ok? SPOILERS everywhere here!

This week's fic, then, is:

in the dark, with your beating heart by femmepire (Dual_Wielding)

Friday Fics Fix will be going on break until 6th August 2021.

(Check here for more info on my summer blogging schedule)

Are you a Jennifer's Body fan?

Do you think it's finally getting enough recognition?

Talk to me! 😈😇💬

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  1. I've actually never seen Jennifer's Body, but I think I have to now that I see all the recognition it's getting. I think more female pop stars are taking inspiration from it in their music, for example I love what Olivia Rodrigo did to pay homage to the movie in her Good 4 U music video. It looked really cool!

    1. I haven't seen that vid - I'll have to check it out! :)


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