Wednesday 11 January 2023

Month in Review(s) - December 2022


December - you gotta love December (well, I do anyway,) if only for the Christmas-ness.

True, December was, like much of 2022, full of ups, downs, and in-betweens.

But Christmas was nice - maybe not The Best Christmas Ever™, but then, is it ever?

I had a nice cwtchy* Christmas at home with my parents, my cats, and my brother. Who bakes awesome mince pies and gives them to me. (The brother, not the cats.)

*Just realised when editing that this is Wenglish and most of you won't know what being cwtchy means 😅 - uh... it doesn't really have a direct translation. It's kind of like combining huggy, and homely, and cozy... only better!

December - Rhagfyr

As I usually do in December, I cut back on blogging big-time this month.

...Because who has any spare time at Christmas, honestly?

So I didn't post much, and my regular post-series of Comics Wrap-Up, Friday Fics Fix, and Nerd Church, all went on break.

I did hold out a naive hope that I'd be able to build up a stockpile of blogposts, but we all know that that did not happen 😅

Pre-planning/pre-scheduling is an elusive art that I have not yet mastered 🙈

...There's no 'Most Popular Posts' section in this post this month, because the spam traffic was such a mess that it confused me too much to figure it out.

Unless there really is more 500 people in Sweden who magically decided to look at a 4-year-old post at the same time - it could happen, I guess.

dividing line

December's Posts

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That's December! And that's 2022!

How was yours?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Lol my comment was literally going to ask what cwtchy means; though I think you may have used it on twitter before. But then you answered it! What a lovely sounding word :)

    1. Lol, I was like... 'should I change that?' and then realised that I had no clue what I'd change it to, so I better just explain it!

      Cwtch (also spelled cwtsh sometimes,) is Welsh for hug (sort of... it doesn't directly translate) and cwtchy is pure Wenglish! Lol.

  2. "Unless there really is more 500 people in Sweden who magically decided to look at a 4-year-old post at the same time - it could happen, I guess."
    Absolutely! 😉

    I love the sound of "cwutchy".

    Ah, at least you had a nice Christmas. Not in this household, we didn't. Not until my husband's health issues are fixed and I can REST. But I got some lovely and unexpected presents/mail from fellow bloggers that put a smile on my face...

    Happy 2023 Cee!

    1. *big hugs* Hope everything is the best it can be at any given moment!

      Cwtchy is an amazing word. There's no 'u' in it though - w is a vowel in Welsh (and by extension Wenglish). Cwutchy would sound more like kwitchy - which did make me smile when I read it! Lol ;) <3

    2. Oops, sorry for the intruding vowel LOL. And thank you!


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