Thursday 30 March 2023

Comics Wrap-Up - They Have Yet To Hire Me As A PR Gal


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It's Thursday, I can't work out the clocks changing, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

A Major(s) Development

[CW: details of alleged domestic violence]

Jonathan Majors, recent star of the MCU (Marvel movies & TV shows) as Kang the Conquerer, as well as being Tic from TV series Lovecraft County, was arrested last weekend on allegations of assaulting his girlfriend.

Majors was allegedly involved in a 'domestic dispute' with his girlfriend, which TMZ reports was an altercation in a New York taxi over Majors texting other women. 

His girlfriend reportedly became angry with him, and things allegedly escalated to the point where he both hit and strangled her. 

He has been charged by police for varying counts of assault, but not for strangulation. 

There's reports that the victim has dropped charges, but I have no idea whether it's necessary in the state of New York for the victim in domestic violence cases to press charges in order for them to go ahead.

(It wouldn't be necessary if the alleged offences had taken place here in the UK, (and there was enough other evidence,) for example, because it's understood that victims of domestic abuse are often unable or unwilling to actively pursue their abusers.)

Jonathan Majors denies all allegations, and his lawyer has suggested that he may even sue the alleged victim for defamation.

His lawyer also claimed there was independent video footage which would exonerate him.

A reminder that here on Dora Reads I operate on a 'two conflicting things can both be true, legally' principle. 

So, in this case, Jonathan Majors is innocent, at least until proven guilty; I hope his trial (he's due to appear in court in May,) is just and fair, and finds the truth.

AND his girlfriend was the victim of an assault, and I hope she gets all the help and support she needs. I hope she's doing as well as she can, in the circumstances.

Both things are true until something tips the scales.

Marvel, as far as I know, have yet to comment - which I can kind of understand, because it's in the middle of the legal process.

But, if I were them, I'd put out a 'we cannot comment at this time' comment.

It would just make sense, y'know? Explain to people that you're not hiding - you're just waiting for the system to run its course.

But they have yet to hire me as a PR gal (lol, that would be a Gay disaster waiting to happen 😅) or as a writer (which they totes should - you know I'd rock the joint 😜😈.)

Shameless Self-Promo

Last week's Friday Fics Fix saw Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes fighting for survival (because the emo spaghetti goblin brain wants what the emo spaghetti goblin brain wants. 😅)

Comics Wrap-Up is Going on Break

Comics Wrap-Up is going on break in April, and will be back on 4th May 2023.

...Hope you can all hold out 'til then 😉

What do you make of the Jonathan Majors situation?

Do you think Marvel should put out a statement?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Ha I think you'd be the perfect PR person for Marvel! You're always willing to put out the most accurate information and are quite honest. Then again... perhaps PR folks do spin the truth a bit. So maybe that position would be difficult.

    1. Lol, I'd be there like 'and now we're doing a Captain America film without Queerbaiting - instead Bucky and Sam are gonna make out in the first 5 minutes!' ;)


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