Friday 28 April 2023

Friday Fics Fix - I Want The Queer Pirates, So You're All Getting The Queer Pirates


'Bonnet looks at him questioningly. “Concussion?”

“Truth serum.”

"Ah, that'd do it..."'

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Somehow this month I've ended up rec'ing only The Umbrella Academy (TUA) and Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) fics.

I did have a blogging-related existential crisis when I realised that I was gonna end up rec'ing an OFMD fic again (only the cool people have sub-labels of existential crises, OK?) - but then I decided I didn't care.

I've had way too much sh** going on lately to tie myself in knots over this - I want the Queer pirates, so you're all getting the Queer pirates. 😎😘

(And that's hardly a bad thing, now, is it?)

For this fic, we have to accept that this is an AU where truth serum is a thing which exists and is relatively widely known about.

...If you don't accept that this is a thing within the world of the fic, then it's not the one for you, OK? OK.

(Fandom notes:

AU = Alternate Universe.)

So, the basic premise here is that Izzy Hands, Blackbeard's first mate, gets dosed with truth serum.

He is not happy about this. Or, for that matter, anything which forces him to admit he has feelings and emotions beyond the manly and acceptable ones like anger and disdain. 

Not only does he have to admit it, he can't stop himself from admitting it.

And Stede Bonnet's management style involves 'talking things through as a crew.' And he's stuck on a ship with him and his merry crew of weirdos.

...Sh**. This is gonna be hell.

Via Tenor

I love the way this fic interprets Izzy as basically a ball of Depression, insecurities, and nueroses - 

- mostly because I, too, am a ball of Depression, insecurities, and neuroses.

...This fic was excellent self-care/fanfiction-therapy. Not gonna lie. 

(It... kind of meant a whole lot to me, I was not having the greatest of days when I read it, and this def. helped. 🙈)

This fic was actually a lot of fun, as well as a lot of 'talking things through as a crew' 😘

AND it takes the canonic Queer love triangle, which canonically has Izzy basically being a bitter bi**h in the corner, and makes it an M/M/M throuple. ...Eventually 😉

And the way it was worked out between Izzy and Stede was both hilarious, and, unlike a lot of fics where the three of them end up together, mostly in-character. 

Which is impressive, tbh, given how much they do not get on.

(Fandom notes:

Canon is the official stuff in a book/TV show/film/whatever.)

Oh, and this fic is set after series 1 -

- so, y'know, beware of SPOILERS.

OK, so, some Content Warnings for this one:

- loss of agency and privacy (because truth serum)

- Depression-like symptoms

- self-loathing/low self-esteem

- general violence

- injury

- blood

- heated discussions about maiming and attempted murder, because OFMD

- damaging yourself emotionally with toxic msculinity, because Izzy Hands

- sexy-times references

...I think that's everything, but as always, be safe dearest nerdlets!

This week's fic, then, is:

Tell Me No Lies by Sir_Bear

Friday Fics Fix is going on break in May, and will be back on 2nd June 2023

Are you happy with the amount of Queer pirate content I'm giving you lately?

Is there a particular fandom/fic/genre/general thing that you'd like me to cover in Friday Fics Fix?

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  1. I watched all of OFMD last week! It has so much of the stupid humour from WWDITS. I absolutely LOVED it. And of course went down a rabbit hole learning about the real pirates.


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