Sunday 16 April 2023

Nerd Church - Short Story: The Midday Sun


I have a bunch of stories from Medium that I was thinking about posting here once a month-ish, because why not? (Possibly gonna regret asking that! 😅)

This story was originally published by yours truly in the Promptly Written publication on Medium, for the following prompt, set by Ravyne Hawke:

‘Write a ‘moody’ piece around the following:

— a monumental decision
— confusion
— a fork in the road’

The Midday Sun

An artsy minimalist-looking illustration of telegraph poles and a large hot sun
Image by Ruben from Pixabay 

She can’t decide, and I can’t blame her. It’s too much to think through. So many thoughts, flying through oceans of dismissed criteria, and wading through swamps of pain and stress.

What then?

She picks one, and what then?

She’s stuck with him? Forever? We all are?

No-one can tell her the future. It lurks in the background of this impossible choice like a wasp sting, just waiting for all of us.

And it is all of us— who lives, who dies, the future prosperity of our torn little group, ragged and frayed at the edges, and drooping out here in the midday sun as she stands on the parched earth and looks from one man to the other… it all comes down to this.

She’s looking at me, now, like I have an answer for her. Like I’m the Queen-mother of this little band, the wise crone, the oracle. I’m not. She’s going to have to do this by herself. If she trusts either of them, that is.

…But then, we must have one of them.

We need supplies. And somehow this has become the only way to get them — an alliance forged in desperation and suspicion, hardly the auspicious kind. An alliance which will determine so much comes down to these three people, staring at each other in the cutting midday sun.

We need an answer, and we need one from her.

I just hope she’s up to the task.

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