Sunday 9 July 2023

Nerd Church - Short Story: New Money

This was first published by me in the Medium publication Promptly Written.

This is the first story I wrote which featured a character called Anna Sinclair - to date, I've written three stories about her, and given her her own Medium list titled 'Snapshots of Anna Sinclair.' (She won't leave me alone, so I've given in and accepted it.)

Content Warning: one potential drug reference. (Yes, I said ‘potential’ — it’s a little ambiguous, even to me πŸ˜…)

New Money

Screw them. Who were they, anyway, to make her feel guilty?

The Addison brothers had never had to work a day in their lives. Their daddy was old money. They had the best education that money could buy, and decided to do fuck all with it. They just sat back, and harvested the money from their father’s investments.

But Anna? She’d grown up in the real world. And life had never been easy. No, life seemed to take a personal interest in making Anna Sinclair miserable.

In one way or another, Anna had earnt every fucking penny she had. Now Miles and Tony Addison wanted to make her feel guilty about taking money she was owed? Fuck off, little rich boys, it’s not your decision to make.

Anna took a breath, heart hyped-up on coffee (or something else, it was hard to tell sometimes,) palms sweaty, one hand clutching the cash — her cash. Hers.

She leaned against the wall behind her, feeling the cool surface against her back. She took a few more breaths. Fuck the Addisons — this was her life, her rules. If either of them had to spend a week out in the world that she knew — the world that spat on you, kicked you, shoved you — she knew they’d never make it.

But Anna Sinclair? She was gonna make it. All the way.

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  1. Go Anna! Now I wonder if it was money that they had to give her...

  2. I can imagine Taylor Swift writing a song about Anna (a compliment!)

    1. Lol, of course! Tbh, I think 'Look what you made me do' works well! ;)

  3. I like Anna already! :)


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