Friday 18 August 2023

Micropoetry - May + June 2023

Yes, you read the post title correctly - this is the Micropoetry wrap-up for May and June.

Yes, you are correct - it is August.

Why am I so late with this? 

A combination of 'haven't got around to it,' and 'just plain forgot.' (Sorry! 😅 )

The first one is written in my accent/dialect, because that's the way it was rattling around my head, so that's the way it got posted.

...It was the only way to stop it from going round and round in my head, OK?

I don't think it's that incomprehensible but then... it's also how I talk. So... *shrugs*

(And yes, I do say 'aye' to mean 'yes' sometimes in regular conversation. Many people here do. #NowYaKnow)

Here we are then, May and June's micropoetry:

As always, for those using screen-readers, the poetry will be in the alt-text of the graphics with / marks for line-spaces.

30th May // Aye, alrigh' / but only fer the nigh' / 'cos'oo gived us a frigh' / so you did // But if you mean / whatchoo seen / and you meant / whatchoo said / then it'll all be alrigh' / in the end

dividing line
15th June // I wrestled with myself again last night / -- my God, that girl is stubborn in a fight, / and even though I got the upper-hand / somehow I still lost, in the end

dividing line

16th June  // Our shadows are longer in summer / (they crawl, even now, up the wall) / Our shadows are longer in summer / (makes you wonder if they're ours at all)

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  1. Who knew summer could be so ominous 😂.

  2. I appreciate texts that represent dialects/regional accents. It makes it more personal!

    1. I think it's a context thing - it's not gonna be right for every piece of writing, but sometimes it refuses to be anything else! Lol.


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