Thursday 12 October 2023

Comics Wrap-Up - A Sentient Chair


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It's Thursday, the world is very 2023 out there, let's check out some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

An Odd Seat

My recent webcomic read on Webtoon is 'Is chair still in the park?' by fivebatss - it's weird AF, and I love it.

This is a frankly odd horror-ish comic, told partly in one-panel instalments, with deliberately varied art styles ranging from the detailed to the extremely basic, and following the point of view (PoV) of a sentient chair.

Yes, a sentient chair.

That, oddly enough given the title, begins this story in the park. A park with police tape.

Expect blood and gore in various forms, and a vibe that keeps reminding me of YouTube analog horror/ARG series The Walten Files, though probably less nightmare-inducing.

(If you're a horror fan, I really rec. the Walten Files (major flashing images warning, though,) - if you scare easily, then I rec. staying AS FAR AWAY FROM THE WALTEN FILES AS POSSIBLE.)

Maybe it's the constantly shifting art styles, which The Walten Files also does... it makes things unsettled and even more off-key than they already are. 

Is chair still in the park? has a lot more moments of humour and lightness, though (...imho, but then, I have an emo goblin spaghetti brain, lol.)

An absolutely accurate* summary of Loki, episode 2.1:

*Any accuracy is purely coincidental

OK - SPOILERS for episode 1 of series 2 of Loki, OK? SPOILERS.


OK, great.

Loki: What could possibly go wrong?
Via Giphy


Loki: *time-slips, body horror*

O.B.: That's not possible.

Loki: *slipping*

Mobius: Well he's doing it.

O.B.: Huh. Wouldja look at that!


O.B.: But you might lose all your skin.

Mobius: I don't wanna do that.

O.B.: It's the risk of saving him. I understand if you don't want to - I mean, it would be a little much for a purely platonic work acquaintance such as yourself to do such a serious and risky...

Mobius: ...Pass me my space-suit


Loki: *enters room*

Room: *CHAOS!!!*

...I feel like I summed it up pretty well 😅

Shameless Self-Promo

Over on Medium, I talked about series 1 of Loki, and what gets missed out of the online talky-talks...

...or you can see that same nommy-content-stuff as a Nerd Church post right here on Dora Reads.

Are you caught up on Loki?

Have you read 'Is chair still in the park?'?

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  1. I have been so busy that October 5th came and went and I forgot Loki premiered. So I did not read your last bit of post but hope to get to ep 1 soon!

    1. Lol, no worries - that's what the spoiler warnings are there for! :)


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