Sunday 8 October 2023

Nerd Church - Short Story: Some Space

The prompt:

Write a ‘moody’ piece around the following:

— out of this world
— wonderstruck
— a dark night

Some Space
Mountain path descending into the Rhondda Valley
Path descending towards the Rhondda Valley by Gareth James, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

It’s a sharp-dark night. A heart-dark night. The air is star-cold-clear. And I am lost.

I sit alone on a trod-earth path on the mountain. To my right, the tree trunks of those above. To my left, the tree tops of those below. I stretch my hand out, just beyond where it’s comfortable, to touch the leaves. I draw my hand through the tree-tops.

The drop is sharp, but there’s chicken wire, so I’ll be fine. It’s bent and broken in places, warped the way all honeycomb chicken wire seems to go eventually. It’s turned grit-rust in places, snap-sharp in others.

There’s rustling. I hope it’s rabbits, not rats.

It’s lonely, up here. It’s nice. Nothing but the stars. And the rabbits.

I lie down, right there on the path, and lose myself in Orion — that’s the only one I know. They’re all pretty, though. Bright. Shining. All of that.

I wish I were a kid again. I loved them stars when I was little, like. They seem so beautiful, then, don’t they? I know, I know, they’re beautiful anyway — but they seem extra beautiful, when you’re a kid. Like you can reach up and touch ’em. And they’re all for you.

I don’t know where to go from here. It’s not a great place to be at 3am on a winter’s morning. Anything could happen. But I can’t bring myself to move.

I just needed some space, I guess. To think.

I’d better head back, though, before they wake up and find me gone and send out the bleedin’ search parties.

And when they ask where I’ve been, I’ll just say for a walk. Not long. Not far. I only got up ten minutes before you, I swear.

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  2. Nice piece - and the first sentence is haunting and strong! Now I want to know who the main character is and who they" are LOL.

  3. I loved the world building you did in this piece, Cee!

    1. ...Legit. wasn't aware I'd done any world building, lol.

      This is just a little *waves hands vaguely* - thing - that my brain came up with. It's def. set in the mountains in and around the South Wales Valleys, though - there's one road in particular that was forefront in my mind when I was writing for the prompt - which is why I made sure to get a pic of the Rhondda from Wikimedia. :)


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