Thursday 26 October 2023

Comics Wrap-Up - That's The Guy?

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It's Thursday, I am tired, this is Dora Reads - so let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

Writing Up A Storm!

Turns out, Tiffany D. Jackson - author of Monday's Not Coming, Allegedly, and more - is writing a Marvel YA novel about Storm from the X-Men!

I read Monday's Not Coming recently (I may or may not one day end up finishing the mini-review that's been languishing in my blog drafts for a few months now,) - and the idea of Storm in Jackson's hands sounds super-interesting! (Pun very much intended.)

Witches and All That

If you're on the lookout for witch-related comics this spooky season (or any other season, for that matter,) then check out this list of witchy graphic novels from Jamie Canaves @ Book Riot

An absolutely accurate* summary of Loki, episode 2.3:

*Any accuracy is purely coincidental

OK - SPOILERS for episode 3 of series 2 of Loki, OK? SPOILERS.


OK, great.

Mobius saying He's back.
Via Giphy


Loki: Oh sh**, that's him, that's the guy!

Mobius: That's the guy?

Loki: What?

Mobius: I thought he'd be... scarier.

Loki: ...Oh. My. God. - You think he's hot.

Mobius: Uh... hey look a distraction!


Loki: Why do you have a machete?! You work at a McDonald's in the 80s!

Sylvie: Just answered your own question there, Lokester.


Victor Timely, talking to Ravonna: ...that wizard gentleman...

Sam Wilson, from several timelines and over a century away: I F**KING TOLD YOU BUCKY! WIZARD! RIGHT THERE - HE SAID WIZARD!


Miss Minutes: JUST LOVE ME!!!!

Victor Timely: What. The. Actual. F**k?!

Shameless Self-Promo Time!

Have you been watching Loki?

Would you be interested in a Storm YA novel by Tiffany D. Jackson?

Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. I really enjoyed Monday's Not Coming, so I will look out for Jackson's new book!


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