Friday 12 January 2024

Friday Fics Fix - FrostIron, AKA: No-One Can Say I'm Inconsistent


'"What's the matter, Cap?" Tony replied absentmindedly, an arm wrapped firmly around the god's torso to steady him. "Never been to a frat party?"'


Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic blue and purple patterns

Let's start this year how we mean to continue - with some angsty FrostIron! 😅

...No-one can say I'm inconsistent, tbh.

(Fandom notes:

FrostIron is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Marvel's Loki and Iron Man Tony Stark. It works and I will go down with this ship.

Ship is a relationship - geddit?)

Loki, yelling: Tell me!
Via Giphy

So, this is pretty standard angsty FrostIron fare - competently written, and a lot of torture-based/Thanos-fanon plot-points.

...Which is where I remind you all that I have an emo goblin spaghetti brain that craves this kind of angsty hurt/comfort, and I completely understand if the same doesn't apply to you 😅

(Fandom notes:

Hurt/Comfort, H/C, etc. is a genre of fanfic which centres on one or more hurt characters being taken care of and/or helped by one or more other characters.

Fanon is a fan theory that is so widely accepted that most fandom followers treat it as canon.

Canon is the official stuff in the book/film/TV series/whatever.)

And, of course, along the way the god and the billionaire fall in love.

Because when Thor arrives at the tower with his dying brother, Tony can't just let him die, now, can he?

Listen - I've read a lot of these.

Like... a lot.

I have read a substantial amount of FrostIron fanfiction over the years. I have read literally thousands of pages of this stuff.

...So for me to both understand that this fic is standard and not exactly ground-breaking in terms of creativity, but still think it's good enough to recommend says something, OK?

This kept me reading, was highly enjoyable, and had all the feels (man, I am really heavy on the fandom speak in this post - oh well, I translate it all adequately (I hope.)) 

(Fandom notes:

The Feels means specific, intense, emotions invoked by fandom-based material.)

A bunch of serious Content Warnings for this one, so please be careful:

- torture

- blood

- serious injury

- intense trauma responses

- begging for death

- violence

- murder

- family issues always, I may have forgotten something, so please be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

Downfall by jadore_macabre (goodworkperky)

Are you a FrostIron fan?

Do you understand my fan-speak explanations? 😅

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I'm in school mode right now, so when I saw "Fanon" I immediately thought the fic was going to be somehow related to the critical race theory scholar Frantz Fanon. I was intrigued, albeit a bit surprised lol!


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