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Friday Fics Fix - 4 Fics Where The Author Got Really Creative


You know I love, love, love it when fic authors get creative!

Isn't there something just so beautiful about taking that source material and just running with it?! Like it's not bound by the confines of the material that created it? Like it has a life and an essence that goes beyond one single medium?

Living art, dearest nerdlets. Living art.

Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic patterns

So this week I have 4 fics for you where the fic author has gotten impressively creative!

As always with my fic-rec lists, please check the original rec'ing post - which will be linked - for Content Warnings and spoiler status.

Free Game, Fun For Some But Not For All. by Acernusaurus

'She walked over to Thea and pulled one of the games out of the box. It was an old fashioned wooden box with the game’s name actually carved into the front. “Jumanji?”

“I’ve never heard of that one,” Ollie said. He joined them to take a look.'

OK, so have you ever thought to yourself:

I wonder what it would be like if the Arrowverse (specifically Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow) was actually the original, 1990s, Jumanji movie?


Nah, me either.

It works weirdly well in novella(ish)-length fanfiction, though.

...Like, really. The canon just slides into place like it was always meant to be there - which is entirely ridiculous, and kind of made me question reality a li'l bit, and I love that.

(Fandom notes:

Canon is the 'official' stuff in a book/TV series/film/whatever)

Alan Parrish from Jumanji: You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
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So, we open with Oliver Queen and Sara Lance getting pulled into Jumanji - the game acting very much as the Arrow series' Lian Yu island in this AU.

Flash forward to friends Nate Heywood, Ray Palmer, Ava Sharpe, and Felicity Smoak, who are checking out the dilapidated Queen manor - empty after Oliver Queen went missing, all those years ago. (Dun-dun-duuun!)

...along the way, they find a wooden box. 

It kind of looks like an old board game... 😉

Original rec'ing post here

maybe that's our fault (for making them in our image) by anotherbrokewriter

'There was an argument happening some ways away, Diego and Luther throwing another one of their hissy fits. Klaus was too high to follow what was being said even if he could see every molecule of air vibrating at its own frequency.'

This is a The Umbrella Academy (TUA) fic based around an AU of the 1st season.

This fic imagines that, while most of the Hargreeves siblings are (super)human, Klaus is not.

(Fandom notes: 

AU = Alternate Universe. A universe which is alternate.)

Klaus is Other. Someone - something - else. 

Not God Herself (which is a TUA thing, don't yell at me religious people,) but closer to Her than he is to everyone else.

Klaus to Luther: There's no need to getyour little panties in a bunch.
Via Giphy

And while I wouldn't like this to be what the actual series is like - I love TUA as it is, thank you very much - it was a really interesting look at how that premise would work out.

What Klaus would be like in that scenario - and what some of the other characters would be like if they found out - was something that I loved seeing the fic author explore.

Original rec'ing post here

Still the days seem the same by DemonaHW

'“We need to go to the park. There’s a wizard there: it’s his fault.” It is hard to know if Ben intends this to be helpful.'

So this is The Umbrella Academy (TUA) time loop fanfiction.

The basics here is that Klaus is woken up to the ghost version of Ben being like, 'Time loop, dude! Time. Loop. Do something, because I'm the only one who remembers and I am bored.'

And Klaus is like... 'but I don't wanna we have any muffins left?' 😂

Klaus Hargreeves (Robert Sheehan) lying in bed and knitting: oh, is that all?
Via Giphy

Honestly, I can't say too much more about this fic, except that I did not expect it to take the direction it did.

...Anything else, and I risk spoiling it for you, which I don't wanna do.

Original rec'ing post here

Anita's Voice by tangentti

'But the lies were out there, circulating, and were made into a movie, which is a really mixed blessing. Let’s pretend this narration is over the title crawl, and cut to our heroine...'


Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) waving
Via Giphy

This was genuinely the first fic I thought of when I decided to make this list.

If you're a Jennifer's Body fan (love ya!,) this is one you'll enjoy.

This fic is kind of the sh**.

This is what I mean by the living art of fanfiction, y'know? (I know, I know, I'm waxing lyrical again. Sorry.)

This fic imagines an AU where the film Jennifer's Body is an adaptation of a true crime story

And Needy Lesnicki, still in the wind and on the run several years later, has seen the movie. She has some thoughts.

(It's so good!)

Original rec'ing post here

Do you like it when fanfiction gets really creative?

Any recs of creative fics?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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