Sunday 18 February 2024

Nerd Church - I Seem To Be Watching More True Crime...

Warning: This post references true crime and murder, and discusses mental health problems - especially Anxiety.

Disclaimer time: I am not any type of psychological, medical, or scientific expert. I'm a chick with a blog, nothing more, nothing less.

Title: I Seem To Be Watching More True Crime...

Wild-child that I am, of an evening I like to get myself a snack, and a glass of diet coke, and watch TV for a while.

Lately that's meant, more often than not, true crime.

Because there's nothing more calming than some grisly murder before bed.

I've talked before about how true crime is actually really good for my mental health - it weirdly improves helps me focus, helps me sleep, and is no end of help with my Anxiety.

(And this is your regular reminder that if you're someone who finds true crime a hindrance rather than a help for your mental health, then it's 100% A-OK to not watch/consume it.)

Lately, I seem to be watching a lot of the stuff.

Now, partly that's because I've had a rough time of it with family illnesses etc., meaning that I've had to try to remember to up my self-care game to match.

But it's not the only reason. I actually don't think it's the main reason. I think the main reason might actually be the news.

Y'know - the news headlines. That never-ending source of 2020s hope and joy. All day sunshine and rainbows. Non-stop. Freaking. Unicorns.

I mean, what possible source of stress and Anxiety might be caused by the news?!



...The world is a raging trash fire.

And I know I've been saying that for years, but that's because it's been true for years.

And each time I think the world can't get any more batpoop... well. 

It's 2024 out there, people. Sh**'s weird to an extent that you couldn't even begin to explain to a time traveler from The Before (pre-2020 or pre-2016, depending on your preference.)

And the more wild and brutal the news gets, the more I watch true crime.

Perhaps its the sense of boxing the 'threat' that keeps my hooman bean brain happy - it's OK, we've contained it, nothing to see here! - making things feel a little more manageable than the news does.

Maybe it's just that I have an emo goblin spaghetti brain that likes to dance amongst the macabre. (Which is true regardless, as anyone who reads my Friday Fics Fix posts will probably have come across!)

Whatever it is - if it works, it works, y'know?

Are you a true crime fan?

Do you watch more of it at certain times (like when the world is full of batpoop news, for example)?

Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. I am not a true crime person, but my sister definitely is. I'll have to ask her if she finds herself watching more of it when the world seems very chaotic.


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