Thursday 13 June 2024

Comics Wrap-Up - I'm Not Complaining


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It's Thursday, I'm tired, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

Deadpool & Wolverine For the Win!

We got an extra trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine for #BestFriendsDay - because Ryan Reynolds is a marketing demon who cannot be stopped 

(- I'm not complaining.)

Honestly, seeing Hugh Jackman in the yellow costume makes me smile every time I see it. I love it so damn much!

I mean, Hugh Jackman coming back as Wolverine would be awesome enough - but giving us the YELLOW COSTUME?! ...I just love it, OK? It's iconic. 😍

Warning: flashing images, general graphic violence, sexual references/adult humour, Ableism related to scars/facial differences

Shameless Self-Promo Time!

Last week's Friday Fics Fix featured a The Umbrella Academy (TUA) fic with The Little Girl On The Bike - check that out here.

And if you want to catch up on my superhero posts - or any of my other posts - from April and May, you can check out my wrap-up post here.

Are you looking forward to Deadpool & Wolverine?

Are you a fan of the yellow costume?

Talk to me! 😎💬

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