Friday 14 June 2024

Friday Fics Fix - Arrowverse Sweetness

Warning: very brief reference to Anxiety, and a (thankfully unrelated) brief reference to drugging people

'“You can’t stay, the guards’ rounds are random at night and…”

They would have a heart attack if they saw Flash and Supergirl eating cookies in his cell.'


Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic patterns

This was sweet and I needed it.

Sometimes, you need the sweetness in fanfic. And this wasn't so fluffy that I get a weird social Anxiety backlash (it's fun to be me sometimes.)

It was just really nice, y'know?

So, this is an Arrowverse fic set when Oliver Queen was in prison.

(I've always felt like prison gave him more opportunity to sleep than his usual life did - he deserved at least one episode a season where he just napped for the whole thing, lol.)

(Fandom notes: 

Arrowverse is the shared universe of the CW's DC superhero TV shows, which started which the flagship Arrow series.)

In the fic, then, Supergirl - 

at this point from a different universe because superhero-shenanigans and TV-network-shenanigans... it got sorted out eventually 

- and the Flash, both decide he needs cheering up.

The Arrow (Oliver Queen) and The Flash (Barry Allen)
Via Giphy

And since they're superheroes, they figure they can visit him outside of normal hours. 

(Who's gonna stop them, really?)

Drugging people so you can visit your incarcerated friend is morally dubious at best, though, so please don't do that 😅

I just love how sweet and clueless Kara (Supergirl,) and Barry (the Flash,) are in this fic -

...while Oliver is both bemused and touched at their whole walking-disaster-area vibe. 😎😅

This is actually a translation that the fic author made from their original fic, which was French-language.

The translation isn't perfect - the odd sentence or two is a bit clunky, a bit weirdly worded, etc. - but it's more fluent than a lot of first-language English people are able to write, so I'd say that's pretty damned good.

Only two Content Warnings for this one:

- prison

- drugging people

...I might have forgotten something, though, so always be careful.

This week's fic, then, is:

Night Visit by Amelia_Queen

Are you an Arrowverse fan?

Do you read translated fics?

Talk to me! 😎💬

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