Sunday 23 June 2024

Nerd Church - I'm So Tired Of The General Election


Title: I'm So Tired Of The General Election. Background: neutral, non-party-affiliated, bunting

I'm so tired of the election.

...That's the UK election, by the way. 

Which is happening on July 4th, the date of which apparently led to several people from the Conservative party using insider knowledge to place bets. Classy. (Allegedly.)

Anyhow - I'm tired.

I'm tired of a choice between 'not good' and 'downright awful.'

I'm tired of the rights of Trans people and migrants being used as political footballs, threatened and persecuted simply so that politicians can appeal to the worst parts of the voting public.

I'm sick to death of politicians who don't know the difference between England and the UK 

(Hint: Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland belong to the latter, not the former.)

I'm tired of the game-playing.

Of people who want this job for their own gain. Who go for petty points-scoring against their opponents. Who don't actually give a sh** about anyone else.

I'm exhausted with the constant news coverage.

I hate when said coverage takes precedence over news from Gaza, Ukraine, or any of the countless places where climate change is proving deadly.

I am, in short, very tired.

But I'm still going to vote. Of course I am. 

It's my right, fought for over many, many, years by men and women who risked everything (yes, men too - it was 1918 when all men, rich and poor, finally got the vote in the UK; not enough people know that.)

Because - and I can't tell other countries this enough (*cough* USA *cough*) 


Use your voice. 

Do what you can, when you can, and maybe one of these days the world will be a better place.

...We can always have hope.

Are there elections where you are?

Does election coverage exhaust you?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Next Canadian election is in November. There is an obvious better choice in my opinion, but I fear hate and bigotry will win.

  2. Personally I'm excited at the prospect of a change of government and am actively campaigning for it. I find the widespread cynicism that ALL politicians are in it for themselves, just because some of them patently are, depressing. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good is my mantra. I agree with you it is our democratic duty to vote. If you don't, it's just washing your hands of any responsibility and leaving it to others to decide. A bit of a stupid analogy but it's akin to handing your shopping trolley to a stranger and asking them to choose your groceries and then complaining when they fill it with stuff you hate.

    1. Oh, I def. think we need a change of government. Just wish we had a better alternative than the current UK Labour set-up.

      I don't think that ALL politicians are in it for themselves - unfortunately this election has convinced me that 90-95% of them are. Even if they don't start that way, they usually end up there.


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