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Nerd Church - The Writer Diaries: When Is A Writer Not A Writer?

...Handmade vs AI mass production.

Title: When Is A Writer Not A Writer?

Have you ever, when out shopping, come across an item — a necklace or a piece of pottery, perhaps — and noticed that it’s marked ‘handmade’…

…and it’s so intricate, so beautiful, that you just think -


A human made this? This beautiful thing in your hands? That’s incredible. That’s… wow.

And it might not be the most beautiful, the most intricate, piece in the shop.

But a human made this with their own hands.

And it makes it… just that bit more.

We expect the ‘handmade’ label to only be on things that were made by hand.

If you didn’t write something yourself, if you got a machine to write it for you — not in collaboration, not as a jump-off point, not as a tool to refine your own hands’ creation — you are not a writer.

At best, you’re a content farmer. Sorry.

I prefer my writing to be handmade.

Originally published on Medium, in response to this prompt from Warren "Storyteller" Brown:

What type of writer are you, the one who gets an A.I. text generator to prepare work that you pass off as your own, or are you the writer who enjoys writing his or her own literary works.

What do you think?
Can you call yourself a writer if you rely get AI to do it for you?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. "At best, you’re a content farmer. Sorry."

    We'll probably need a "handmade" label on books and other written products from now on, too...and arts of any kind...

    1. Lol, I saw someone online say they wanted AI to do the dishes so that they had time to do art, not do art so that they had time to do dishes, and I was like 'yes!'

  2. I believe that Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool and can be used for good. If you use text based AI like ChatGPT to get a basic idea of a concept or using it as google, you are in the good in my eyes.
    Another great use IMO is Roleplaying, of you are (for example) not comfortable talking with people then, you can start roleplay using AI text generators.

    With that being said, if you call yourself a researcher because you copied what ChatGPT told you then you are simply lying; It is the same as copying Wikipedia and calling yourself a researcher. The same goes for Writers, Artists and Music Artist, etc... like you said, you would expect a human hand to have most of the work in something if it was "handmade"

    1. Yup - a writing prompt or a starting point is fine, but if you're gonna start claiming that stuff as your own... just no.

  3. I agree with you, Cee! I catch a lot of AI cases being a teaching assistant. It's upsetting especially when students do it, as if they are struggling with a starting point for an essay I really wished they would just reach out to me.

    1. Make them hand-write their essays - even if it was originally AI, they've still gotta do the physical writing then *eveil laughter* lol


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