Tuesday 18 November 2014

The 5 Best Xmas Gifts for Readers

So, if that reading addict you have to buy for has pretty much every book you've ever heard of - what do you buy them? Here's a little list (in no particular order) of 5 of the best ideas.

  1. Vouchers - these can be book tokens, or vouchers to wherever sells books (for example, Amazon vouchers,) it may seem like a bit of a cop out but they'll thank you for it.
  2. Little reading light - if they don't already have one, this is a fab gift. It means they can read in the night, in a tunnel on the train - wherever, without the light being too harsh. Plus, they come in a variety of colours, and are typically between £4 and £7, depending on where you buy them from.
  3. A magazine subscription - keep them in reading material even when they can't afford books, but keep it to a subject they like. They're not going to like it if you get a fishing magazine for a vegetarian, for example.
  4. Book-ends/shelves - books take up space and you may find this is just what they need, plus you can get some really interesting/cute designs for small shelves and/or book-ends.
  5. Book-themed goodies - reading addicts are a funny bunch (I should know) and will love book-themed presents. A mug with their favourite book cover/quote printed on it? Perfect for snuggling up with, book in hand, on a cold winter's day. A bag, large enough for library books, with 'I <3 books' on the front? Perfect. If all else fails, try something with Penguin classics vintage spines/covers printed on it - usually makes a pretty good gift. There are plenty of these things out there - try typing into Amazon 'book gifts,' 'book mugs,' or the name of their favourite book followed by 'gifts' 'merchandise' 'merch' or 'themed,' for example, and see what comes up.

Little warning - if you're tempted to buy an eReader, firstly make sure they haven't already got one/their old one needs replacing. Then make sure they like them - if anyone ever buys me a Kindle (shudder) I'm likely to grimace and attempt to feign gratitude while wondering how to safely dispose of it in a ecologically friendly way which still means it will never be used.

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