Sunday 24 July 2016

Nerd Church - Getting Back Up Again (And Again, And Again, And...)

Ever feel like life is just smacking you in the face constantly? My dearest nerdlets, you are not alone.

sad dog pic

This week, life decided to knock me again.

Nothing big or dramatic, really, but when you've been hit a bunch of times already, any life-smacking-face action hurts a whole lot more than it would have before.

Ever been hit in a place where there was already a bruise? Exactly.

(It can be tough sometimes in the assassin princess business; someone gets maimed instead of killed and suddenly it's this whole thing and... ugh! Lucrezia Borgia wouldn't've put up with this sh**. #JustSaying)

So why the hell do I keep getting back up?

Sometimes I'd honestly like to just stay down; but life's not like that.

And in order to feel the awesomeness that this world is capable of, you kind of have to get back up again.

But when getting the hell back up again, there are a few things that it pays to consider -

Taking a breather to process and think is OK. Honestly. You, and your wellbeing, comes first, because you have to be as close to fighting-fit as you can be to take the next punch.

If that means taking a moment to cry and release some tension, then so be it. If it means doing something to take your mind off it completely, so be it.

It's not avoiding the problem if you designate a little time to allow your brain to work through it without interference.

It also helps to allow yourself to be knocked down - to accept that even the greats spent time flat out on the mat.

Resisting a fall that you know you can't stop just results in more injury. Try to soften the landing instead - look for something you can be proud of, or something you can do to limit the damage caused.

And just because life's knocked you, doesn't mean you deserve to be knocked. I have trouble remembering this. A lot. But it doesn't make it any less true.

Sh** happens. The fact that you've made it this far shows what a bad-a*s you are.

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  1. You're so motivational!! I'm sorry that you've been feeling down, but like you said, just when you get back up you realize how badass you are!

    1. Me? Motivational? *looks down at self as if there's some sort of answer in my clothing/underwear, then realises that's probably not going to help (I actually did this. Oops.)*

      It's not so bad - if I'd have to deal with this a month ago when I was struggling on lower meds... yeah. Anyway. I didn't have to deal with this a month ago, so it's fine! :)

      Thanks for the lovely comment (as always!) Em :) <3

  2. Even the best of people go through tough moments again and again. It's about picking yourself up every day that matters most, and if you manage doing that nothing will be able to defeat you! I hope things improve for you soon...

    1. Thanks very much! I'm still standing, so that's something! ;)


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