Sunday 11 December 2016

Nerd Church - You're the Only You We've Got

(Flashing Images Warning: some of the gifs in this post flash a bit faster than the gifs I normally use, and this may affect people with photosensitive medical conditions such as epilepsy and migraines.)

Hello dearest nerdlets! There's something I want you to do - take care of yourselves.

Self-care is not just something for those with mental health problems, any more than the gym is only something for those with physical health problems.

We all have mental health my nerdlets, even if you never have a problem with it.

And this time of year can be financially, emotionally, and physically stressful.

If you celebrate Christmas or any other December-based holiday, then there's loads of stuff to do, things to buy, and relatives to make nice with.

If you act as either a part-time or full-time carer, this goes double for you.

We end up picking up the seasonal social responsibilities of our loved ones as well as ourselves - helping out with the shopping, the decorating, the gift-wrapping, and the card-writing.

For anybody acting as a carer right now: you're awesome. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

So my nerdlets, here's just a couple of tips for how to take care of yourself over the festive period.

(Obviously everyone is different - these tips can theoretically apply to anyone, but do what works for you.)

  • You-time is important. Take as much of it as you can. You're the only you there is - and we need you to be ok.

  • Perfection is an ideal, not a reality. It's ok for you to go with 'that'll do,' rather than 'that is perfect.'

  • You're human. There's a limit to how much you can do without exhausting yourself. Delegate or say no.

  • You need fuel in the tank. Regular meals are important. Regular sleep is important. Stay hydrated. If there's no fuel in the tank than you can't get this show on the road.

  • Put basic effort into your appearance. I don't mean be vain. I don't mean beat yourself up about how you look. I literally mean do things like brush your teeth and your hair; wash your face. Shower or bath regularly. It's good hygiene if nothing else.

  • Make an emergency self-care plan. This can be something physical like (just as an example) a box where you keep scented candles, chocolate, spa-style skin treatments, and your favourite DVD. Or it can be something you tell yourself, like 'I'm ok, I'm doing fine.' Or something you do to unwind - read, watch reality TV, make a cup of tea or coffee (although, be careful if your mood is easily affected by caffeine.)

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. This is a vital one. We're our own harshest critics. So give yourself a break.

  • Log off. Look, technology is great - but humans designed it, we weren't designed for it. Have a time in the day when you're not looking at a screen, and limit how much scrolling through social media feeds you do.

  • Limit the booze. Look, I'm no prude. Unless you have a legal reason or medical reason not to (and yes, that includes medications that shouldn't be mixed with alcohol,) then go ahead and have a drink. But remember, it's a depressant - you drink too much, even over a relatively spaced-out period of time, and you're gonna feel pretty sh**ty. And binge-drinking is not good for you, end of.

So look after yourself guys!

Next week is the last Nerd Church before Christmas.

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  1. You have no idea how much I needed this right now, Cee! I've actually found TOO that putting a greater effort into my appearance helps to make me more confident and less socially awkward. And thank you for the warning about flashing images! They don't bother me but they could bother other people and that's very considerate!

    1. Exactly - as long as it's for you, and it's not a vanity thing, then it's absolutely fine :) Sometimes I put bracelets on just because they're something bright and pretty that I can see just by looking down.

      And I'm quite photosensitive because I get migraines, and some of the gifs were sort of on-the-edge for me, so I realised that if anyone's photosensitivity is higher than mine, it could be a real problem. That's why I try usually to go for slower moving gifs. :)

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  3. This is such a good post and something everyone needs to remember! Self love is something we all need to do, and because I have been working so hard lately, I am definitely going to be doing in the holiday. I just love taking some time to rest and relax and focus on me. But it can be hard to remember that sometimes perfection isn't what you need, but that it is okay to be yourself and accept yourself for what that is.


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