Wednesday 6 September 2017

Month in Review(s) - August 2017

August. Yeah, August...

August Tea-Cup pic

August, for me, was stressful.

My 88-year-old grandfather was very unwell and ended up in hospital, he's better now but we still have to do a lot to make sure he and my grandmother are safe, happy, and as healthy as they can be.

It's not easy. And the worry is huge - I adore my grandparents.

Add to that the fact that I've had a lot of work on, and have been trying to keep this blog going (Hello nerdlets!) then yeah... anxiety kicks in and it all gets so messy...

But I'm OK! I'm still standing, still breathing, still going. :)

On the plus side, Dora Reads, this little blog on which you find yourselves, is still growing! August was yet another record-breaking month in terms of page-views, and guys - I love you loads!

I'm now over 30 books behind on my Goodreads* challenge. #DealWithIt

Goodreads pic

*My Goodreads is private (and is gonna stay that way!) Sorry.

The other thing about this month is that I am now obsessed with Disney princess based comedy sketches on YouTube!

I know, that's weirdly specific. But I have zero will power when it comes to these vids - I see one, and I immediately click the 'watch later' button.

Really fun though! ;)

I know it seems uncharacteristically girly of me, but I always loved Disney Princesses (not to mention pretty much anything pink - I'm currently typing this on a pink laptop with a pink wireless mouse, while wearing a pink top. #FightMe.)


What's that? You don't recognise her?

This is Eilonwy - a WELSH Disney Princess from The Black Cauldron. (I used to get p***ed off as a kid that she was never on any of the Disney merch.) I love her - and I also love her pig-keeper boyfriend! Lol.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather :( Wishing you and your family the best in a hard time. God knows grandparents are precious. ♥ And you may be 30 books behind on your challenge but 110?! You're on FIRE!!

    1. Thanks so much! *hugs* :)

      Ha, thank you - I tend to forget that other people aren't silly enough to set 210 as a target! Lol.

  2. I'm sorry about your grandparents:( I'm sure everything will turn out ok! Also, 110 books is something to be proud of!! I'm only at 52 lol!!

    1. Thanks Em :)

      Hey, 52 books is great! I just get carried away with the target-setting :)

  3. I hope your grandfather feels better soon! Dealing with aging family members is always challenging.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. I can completely relate, I hope your grandfather is doing okay now? After just losing my beloved Nan (my last remaining grandparent) I know how you feel. I'm so glad he's out of hospital, give him lots of loves!

    You're a machine when it comes to reading. I just bought some books with my student loan but I'm a fool because it's my dissertation year so I'll be mostly reading textbooks (boohoo).

    1. He's doing good - thank you so much! :) Mainly, I just wish he'd relax and let us do things for him!

      Ha, thank you! I'm just going to pretend I'm not 30+ books behind and hope for the best! Lol. It's my own target anyway - it's not like anyone's gonna come and punish me if I don't meet it!


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