Friday 17 November 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Spidey Sorts Stuff Out

I love you, fandom.

I love the way you see the world. I love the way you take the icons of pop culture and make them the way they should be.

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I love the way you write your li'l hearts out - because words can do anything. Anything. I promise! :)

I also love the way you take the ACTUAL F**KING PROBLEMS in the world, and make heroes - who are usually battling super-villains - fix them.

Because as entertaining as big-a** CGI fights are, we don't want to stick our heads in the sand about the actual problems in this world. We wanna do something about it.

We wanna raise our open filthy palms like tiny daggers up to heaven and... oh wait, that's an MCR song. 😅  Still, it's worryingly apt.

Everybody wants to change the world Mikey Way gif

And who is a great ambassador for what the kids/human beans of today need? Spider-man ofc!

This week's fic sees Spidey take on the ridiculousness of the bureaucracy which damages the most vulnerable people in our society (and is a lot more uplifting than it sounds!)

So, without any further faffing, this week's fic is:

Remarkably Sober, Very Undramatic by Flame_Of_Ice

Keep saving the world my nerdlets, I'll see you for more fanfiction next week!

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