Thursday 25 October 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - Knock Knock Let the Devil In

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I got more of that sweet comics stuff you love!

Let's get to it...

Film Trailers

Another little Venom promo clip for you dearest nerdlets!

I went to see Venom last Friday and was sooooo happy! Like, I would've liked it just a touch more angst-y in places, but then that's just me 😉

Here's the clip then:

(Warning: flashing images)

Other Stuff

Over at Book Riot, Rachel Brittain gives us a short list of spooky comics for Halloween.

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Also at Book Riot, Steph Auteri talks about horror comics being the perfect medium to understand modern times.

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(CW: rape/sexual assault)

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And to end this week, here's the Pitch Meeting for Logan.

Pitch Meeting is a series from ScreenRant which hilariously points out plot-holes and random movie stuff as part of an imaginary pitch from movie writer to movie executive.

Obviously, this is one of the less harsh ones - because Logan.

Logan is amazing.

(Also, I feel like Canadians will love this vid. #JustSaying.)

(Warning: flashing images, blood/gore, violence, SPOILERS)

Do you read horror comics?
Have you seen Venom?
Or do you prefer things to be scariness-free?
Talk to me! 😈💬

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  1. There’s a graphic novel addition of Speak?! Wow, I will totally have to check that out. I’m sure it’s rough and very emotional, but the book is one of my favourites.


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