Thursday 18 October 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - For The Strong-Willed When The World Gives You A Raw Deal

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Superheroes, anti-heroes, and girls kissing! Let's get going my nerdlets!

Movie Trailers

Li'l Aquaman TV trailer for you this week my nerdlets!

(Warning: flashing images)

TV Trailers

OMG, the Arrow season 7 sizzle reel!

I love Arrow, ok?

There's been some dubious decisions over the years, but I'm still a total fangirl, and this suggests a return to the dark and gritty stuff I love!

(Better not just be trailer-bait! Argh!)

(Warning: flashing images, graphic violence, SPOILERS for previous series)


This week I've been totally obsessed with the webcomic Band Vs Band, for which I totally blame Casey @ The Canadian Lesbrarian 

It's also available in print from the creator's web-store.

At first I wasn't really sure about it since the style is a) uber-sweet and b) uber-retro, but after a couple-a pages it had me; hook, line, sinker.

So this is about two bands in one town who are the antithesis of each other - The Candy Hearts are 1950s diners and malt-shops and wholesome fun, whereas The Sourballs are punk and sex and drugs and rock'n'roll.

And their front-ladies, Honey Hart and Turpentine, are totally crushing on each other. Not that they'd ever let anyone else know... right?

So this is the slowest of slow-burn F/F romances, but it's totally worth it - cos by the time we get there, you're SCREAMING for them to get together!

Honey is all responsibility, sweetness, and light; Turpentine is all about living fast and loud and rebelliously!

And I should NOT relate so hard in equal measure to two characters who are such opposites of each other... but I totally do! 😅

Other Stuff

Eminem performing Venom on Jimmy Kimmel is awesome!

(And thank God for YouTube, cos otherwise we here in not-America would never have seen it at all!)

There's two particular sections I love in this vid:

The first is what I like to call 'Middle-Aged Slim-Shady Vs Stairs' where it becomes clear that Shady's knees aren't quite so supple as they used to be.

I don't think this was intentional, lol!

The second section, which is actually intentional, is 'Marshall Mathers auditions for any comedy movies currently casting.'

He aces said audition.

(Warning: SERIOUS flashing images in this video)

Do you read webcomics?
What's your thoughts on Arrow?
Didja see what I mean about the Eminem vid? Talk to me! 💗💬

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  1. Kamikaze is an awesome album! I could've done without the homophobia and 'r' word, but there you go. It's still awesome despite that.

    I have the Venom song permanently stuck in my head! (Next to Panic! At the Disco's latest album, ofc. Lol)


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