Friday 19 October 2018

Friday Fics Fix - The Brightest Stars

'Music was something all stars were familiar with, they sang their hymns and ballads among each other. Human music, on the other hand, was so much more versatile, and Sirius loved listening to all of the genres that they offered.'

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Week 3 of Harry Potter October fanfiction-y-ness! 😁

Week 1 had Drarry, and so did last week's offering.

This week, though, we're stepping away from Harry Potter himself.

Away from Draco too.

And all the kids who went to Hogwarts at the same time as Harry.

This week, we're gonna dive into the well-known ship that is WolfStar.

WolfStar is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Remus Lupin (the Wolf) and Sirius Black (the Star.)

(Fangirling notes: ship = relation-ship; geddit?)

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I love this fic, because it has a Stardust-style twist that somehow just fits.

This is an Alternate Universe in which Sirius is a star... literally.

He shines in the sky. Does the whole twinkling thing, y'know?

And he loves music.

And one day, he hears music that's worth jumping to Earth for. 

Turns out, there's something else on Earth worth jumping for, too.

...His name is Remus Lupin.

'Remus was their bassist. Quiet, reserved, with scars on his handsome face. His hair had a mass of honeyed curls which were kept short, he rarely spoke a word and hardly ever smiled. The patrons and fans considered him mysterious.'

This fic is fairy-tale-like and totally awesome.

It is a little awkwardly written in places, but honestly, I've read worse in published books.

Overall it's just... magic. 😉

This week's fic is:

A Love like Stardust by Moonllotus

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 😊

What do you think of Remus and Sirius as a couple?
Do you think stars, if they were like people, would care about our lives or our music?
Do you like fairy-tale-style fanfiction?
Talk to me! 👍💬

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  1. Wow this sounds absolutely beautiful! I never thought of Lupin and Sirius as a couple! While I don’t think I ship it, I just don’t see them together, this fic does sound really cool.

    1. It's an awesome fic! Lots of people love it as a ship, I can think of a few people who have it as an OTP, but honestly I think it can fit or not fit - I don't mind either way! :)


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