Sunday 28 October 2018

Nerd Church - My Real-Life Ghost Stories

It's Halloween on Wednesday... let's make this week's Nerd Church spoopy!

scared Victorian-y chick reading at night in an armchair

Do you believe in ghosts?

I do...

Kind of.

(You know nothing is ever simple with me!)

I've got plenty of ghostly-encounter stories of my own.

And I think they were ghosts or spirits or whatever you wanna call them, but I'm also willing to acknowledge that they could've been my own brain playing tricks on me.

After all, hooman beans are predisposed to believe in the spoopy side of life.

So it's hardly surprising that our first explanation for random events is to blame a supernatural entity.

And I will also grant you that several of these occurrences happened when I was half-asleep, so could be a common night-time hallucination.

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On the note of hallucinations:

If you think there's even a CHANCE that any spooky goings-on could be signs of:

- mental health problems
- reaction to medication
- reaction to other substances (e.g. recreational drugs, severe allergic reaction.)
- dehydration, heat stroke, etc.
- neurological conditions
- or ANY other health issues

...then PLEASE consult a medical professional as soon as you can.

Better safe than sorry.

Hallucinations are more common than people think. You're not a bad person. This is NOT your fault.

Also, never listen to anything that says you should hurt yourself or others - IT'S LYING.

Safety first my nerdlets; always.

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So, it's very possible that every spooky thing that's ever happened has a logical and/or scientific explanation.

It's also possible that none of the spooky things that have ever happened have a logical and/or scientific explanation.

I think that it's most likely that the truth is somewhere in the middle - some of the weird sh** that happens in this world is explainable in the mundane laws of science.

And some of it isn't.

For example, in my house, we have a bŵgan.

It's a little like a poltergeist, I guess. But also not.

Sometimes, just for the hell of it, sh** moves around the house. Granted, a lot of that is the cats' fault, but it's also happened between cats, so it's not just them.

Something will go missing, and then appear months later on the floor by your bed, or inside the sole of your slipper (I sh** you not,) or on the mantelpiece (when you know damn well it wasn't there before.)

The item's usually placed neatly and precisely - as if someone's laid it out for you to find.

Drawing of a ghost on notepaper being bounced up and down on a fishing line. From Spongebob Squarepants.
Via Giphy

Of course, at least a few of these occurrences could also have been The Fair Ones.

I live next to woodland, and they get bored easily.

But on the whole, I think it's the bŵgan.

Some people think bŵgans are a type of Fair Folk, like a goblin or whatever, anyway!

Plus there was that time that a craft project launched it itself at my head from the top of my wardrobe about two or three feet away.

Man, that one pi**ed me off. And I let it know that I was pi**ed off.

And that time we found a hospital ID band clogging the drain...

We'd lived here about 20 years by that point, and the name was no-one we'd ever heard of - not even the sole owners of the house before us.

But I don't get freaked out by this stuff.

That might sound odd in itself, but it's true.

I get far more freaked out by watching horror movies and creepy videos on YouTube - even if they're clearly fake as f**k.

When it comes to real creepy stuff, I'm just kind of matter-of-fact. Like, 'oh, it's just a ghost.'

Seriously. I'm so weird.

Kawaii ghosts playing drums, guitar, and key-tar
Via Giphy

But you want a really spooky story, I guess?

I mean, that's why you're here, right?


This one is probably a dream, or possibly a dream/night-time hallucination combo, but it's also the creepiest (imho.)

So, it's not really a ghost story so much as a creepy dream, but you wanted something spooky... *shrugs*

Quick WARNING: It does get kinda violent.

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"Wake up, wake up!"

My eyes open. I look at her. She's sitting on my bed, hand on my side.

"Come on. Awake now."

"Wharrr?" (I'm so coherent.)

Her hair is pinned up. Her clothes are a little old-fashioned, maybe. I don't know. I wasn't really paying attention.

My brilliant thought process is 'uhhhhhhhhh....'

My brain assures me that it's my mother. It knows there's no other female in the house. My senses assure me that's b*llsh**. This woman looks and sounds nothing like my mother.

But both brain and senses are happy to call stalemate, and return to 'uhhhhh...'

A moment or two passes.

She pats my arm in a steady beat.

"It's Ok. You're ok now."

She pulls the covers over me. Strokes my hair.

I fall back to sleep easily, in fact I can barely keep awake; I sleep deeply.

I don't know whether it's that night or a couple of nights after... I can't remember... but I dream of her.

It's bizarre.

We're waiting for someone. We're out on the porch, somewhere hot and dry - desert-like. The air is dusty.

I'm younger... I think. It's hard to tell, in dreams, isn't it?

She brushes my hair, and laces up my corset.

(Yes, apparently I'm wearing a corset. This is how you can tell it's a dream.)

She laces it too tight, and I can feel it digging in every time I breathe.

She pulls the dress over it - red and white and way fancier than it should be, considering she's wearing a dull brown - and laces that up just as tightly, pushing against my back to get it tighter.

We're dressed like we walked out of the 1900s, and, as you do in dreams, I don't find this strange.

These are our clothes. They're normal clothes.

We chat about nothing in particular.

A cab pulls up, dust gathering around the wheels.

The shape getting clearer as the horses get nearer.

There's a man there.

And she takes out a knife.

She's standing right behind me. My back straightens when I feel the point, through the dress, through the corset, poking between my ribs.

I hold my breath, trying to hold myself away from the point.

Her hand is on my shoulder. She moves it to stroke my hair.

As the man from the cab approaches, she plunges the knife in.

I feel the sharpness, the pain. There's blood.

She kills me.

There's the sharp pain... the blood... and then I die.

And then I wake up.

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I have no idea why people say you can't die it dreams - I've done it a loooot!

This is also not the weirdest dream I've ever had.

A lot of the time, I dream in French. I don't speak French. 😅

Clearly, my brain is not safe to leave unsupervised! 🙈

Sometimes it decides to give me fanfiction-style episodes of TV shows, though, so that's fun. Dr Who plots starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate - yep, I'm totally a fangirl!

Like I said, I think that one was more dream than ghost...

But who knows, really? 😉

Also, like I said, the majority of my ghost stories are me getting pi**ed off at the bŵgan!

And he doesn't mind. He loves me, really, or he wouldn't hang around!

Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you have any real-life ghost stories?
Have you had any creepy dreams?
Talk to me! 👻💬

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Last updated: 31st October 2018


  1. Ooh these were so spooky, Cee! On another note though, I’m glad you put that warning there for people who hallucinate. Some people don’t realize that sightings can stem from something internally. I know a lot of people with Parkinson’s who will hallucinate deceased relatives. It’s not something to take lightly!

    1. Hehe, glad to be of spooky service! ;)

      Yes! Parkinson's comes with a bunch of different hallucinations and delusions, not least because dream-state often occurs/continues when the person is awake. My Nan wakes up sometimes, but continues the dream from when she was asleep. It's v. important to me, given that both of my grandmother's have had conditions with hallucinations (my other Nan had bipolar w/ hallucinations,) that people are aware that hallucinations are nothing to be ashamed of, and you're always better off safe than sorry!

    2. *grandmothers

      ...randomly putting apostrophes in where they shouldn't be!

  2. These were spooky! That dream sounds terrifying! I've had these weird dreams (or perhaps not dreams?) before where i'm in bed, I wake up and there's been a little girl with long hair just staring at me so I scream and then put the covers over my face for a few minutes to calm down and then turn my lamp on. It felt so real because it felt like I woke up.. but it must have just been a dream. Dreams are so strange!

    Chloe x

    1. Dreams are totally weird!

      Luckily, spooky stuff is notoriously scared of bedcovers ;) and lamps ;) <3

  3. Dreams are, definitely, weird *nods sagely*

    I have a butt-tonne of weird dreams. I think my brain sees it as its duty to like, stick a video on to keep my occupied for a while! Lol.

  4. I have so many stories with the house creature! We've even named ours. When we ask nicely, he returns stuff xD he's also launched a thing through the room in plain sight once. Another two times actually me and my mom saw a person at the same spot (ours is an apartment where someone killed themselves). So all of these are pretty familiar to me.
    The other one sounds like a typical case of the old hag (sleep paralysis) and a dream that followed, but it makes for a really cool story :) BTW I often die in dreams as well. Or speak an Asian language. Or am male, quite often, actually. That's a very cool dream, even though it sucked to be in it, provably xD loved this post!

    1. Ooh, what is your bwgan called? (Although, I'm guessing it's not a bwgan in Lithuania (I'm hoping I've remembered the right country and not totally embarrassed myself.)) I think ours probably came in from the woods at some point, and then decided to stick around :)

      It wasn't really paralysis though... I could move. *shrugs*

      See! Our brains our both really weird (in a good way!) Maybe it's the synaesthesia - we're obv. wired differently to a lot of people. I read somewhere that people who get migraines are also wired different - so maybe that's it!

      Like, whenever I see someone claiming you always wake up before you die in dreams I'm like, 'Uhhhhhhh... nope. I do that all the time. Stabbing, usually. Sometimes illness, but usually some sort of pointy weapon,' lol.

      And, despite the fact that it actually hurt (dammit brain, we're gonna have to have a discussion about giving me all my senses in dreams - it's really not necessary,) - it was fine. I was pretty OK with all of it! (Weirdly.) Lol.

      We should totally have a foreign-language dream club ;)

  5. I believe in ghosts! I had an encounter with one once. Basically, I was in the shower and I used to share a shower with my parents and two washclothes were hanging on the rack and touching and dripping in this way that was really bothering me for no rational reason, but I didn't feel like getting out of the hot water just to move them. I turned around, and when I turned back to facing the washcloths, they were like an inch apart. So it was a nice ghost trying to help, I assume, but I was still terrified. And my mom also thought there was a ghost in that shower.

    But yikes, that one that threw the project at you! And the dream one! I love how chill you are about it though lol. I guess that's nice that whatever is taking your stuff always gives it back at least XD

    I also don't understand why people say you can't do this or that in dreams since they'r always things I've done in dreams lol. I've died in multiple dreams too. In fact, once I *was* a ghost in a dream lol, although I skipped over the dying part in that one and the dream just started with "hey I'm dead and I'm a ghost." I've also felt pain in dreams. I love that you dream in a language you don't even speak though!

    1. Ha, well, at least your shower-ghost has a Caspar attitude ;)

      Hehe, the bwgan threw that project at me - it was one of those things where you iron plastic beads together, and I'd spent aggggges making up a design but hadn't done the ironing thing yet, so I stashed on top of the wardrobe till I had chance to do it. Then I went up to my room to get something, and the entire thing just flew at my head, plastic tray and all. It's ok. The bwgan def. knew I was PI**ED!

      I spent like ten minutes cleaning the plastic beads up and ranting at it because 'there wasn't any need to DO that, and you KNEW I was running late! And now I have to sort all THIS out! And I'm SO not happy! Don't you EVER do that again!' (It hasn't thrown cr*p at my head since, so I think it got the point.)

      Yeah - I don't know what it is, I've just always been chill about these things (unless I watch too many creepy YouTube vids... then there is zero chill,) - the other day I told The Bestie about an old guy who was haunting her sports club, and that he'd appreciate the odd newspaper placed next to the window every now and then, just cos y'know, ought to let her know and all that, and she freaked the hell out. And I'm like, *looks around for source of freaky thing* '...what?' XD On the other hand, she can watch creepy YouTube vids and horror films and be perfectly fine. Between us we make up like, one bad-a** Ghostbuster! Lol.

      See?! You can totally die in dreams dammit!!! (Also, visions of you spooking up to people and being like, 'Hey, nice to meet you. I'm dead. Wassup?')

      And yeah, my brain speaks French but the rest of me doesn't apparently! XD

    2. Ahahaha this bwgan story just gets better and better!


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