Friday 9 November 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Iron Can Be Cold, But Spiders Need Warmth

'Peter grunts. His eyes open only slightly, but it doesn't look like he understands where he is. The kid is like dead weight slung over Tony's metal-clad shoulders. He's also freezing cold.'

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Let's have some Tony-Peter Father-Son-type-cuteness with a side of self-care, shall we?

I love that fics like this exist!

I also love that fics can take a random thought, like, for example 'what if Peter Parker has the same lack of thermoregulation as a spider?' and f**king runs with it!

And this kind of hit the spot for yours truly...

NOT because I have spider-related issues -

(we all know that I was actually bitten by a radioactive LIBRARIAN 😉)

- but because one of the less-expected symptoms of my Depression/Anxiety combo is poor thermoregulation, especially of the hands and feet.

Basically - I get cold more easily than other people. And sometimes I don't notice it for a long time.

(This next section, I'm gonna talk about depression - so this is your head's up!)

If I'm not careful, I get into a state of total exhaustion, where I'm also really cold - like Peter in this fic.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man: 'I don't feel so good.'
Via Giphy

When I was first getting really ill, I would come home from work, collapse onto the sofa under about three blankets, shivering, exhausted, with my muscles spasming.

Yep, depression's a lot of fun.

"Shut up and listen, Strange. How do you wake up a dormant spider?"

So, this fic is both a cute excuse for Tony Stark to get all protective over his wee smol spider-kid, and a good reminder to everyone to stay warm!

(Eco note: if you can manage to stay sufficiently warm through blankets, clothes, hot water bottles, etc., instead of turning up the central heating, then even better! #GoGreen #StayWarmAndSafe)

So this week's fic is:

(Safe and) Warm by one_sad_oreo

Enjoy, dearest nerdlets!

Do you have trouble keeping warm?
Do you enjoy when fic authors pick out the little details to focus on?
Talk to me! 😁💬

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