Thursday 8 November 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - Where Is Your Boy Tonight?

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What do we say when all the comics-y stuff comes under the 'Other Stuff' category...? That's right! BLAME LOKI! πŸ˜‰

Loki's wtf face
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Other Stuff

There's been some discussion on the Joker's sexuality as of late.

There's even a petition asking for him to be gay 'again.' Whether he was Queer to begin with is... one of the matters up for debate.

I personally have no strong feelings pro- or con- 'Joker as Queer character.'

I will however say that the Joker is one of the most irredeemable characters in comics (and that's saying something!)

Joker from Gotham (TV series): 'Long live me'
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Many, many people are still uber-fascinated by him, partly because he is so irredeemable, but there's a whole load of issues related to making such a sadistic and down-to-the-bone BAD character Queer.

Because we still get cast as the villain far too often.

(Lego Joker and Lego Batman totally belong together though. #JustSaying.)

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Some awesomeful reviews for comics-related books, and for graphic novels, from fellow book bloggers:

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And to finish up this week we have the Honest Trailer for The Incredibles 2!

(It has superheroes, so totally still counts for this wrap-up. #BecauseISaidSo.)

(Warning: flashing images, SPOILERS)

What's your take on the Joker as a Queer character?
Is there an issue with Queer villains?
Talk to me! πŸ’–πŸ’¬

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Last updated: 10th Nov 2018


  1. Maybe the joker’s queer, maybe he’s not. Although I would like to see a bit more positive queer characters in the superhero universe. I think it’s just easy to say that one of the most infamous villains is queer, but what about a badass queer superhero? I think I’d rally behind that a bit more.

    1. Hell yes! While we're still being erased from established canon films superhero and anti-hero-wise (looking at you Marvel,) we don't need villains - we need our heroes to be recognised!

      (The most bada** of Queer superheroes is, imho, The White Canary, aka Sara Lance, aka my future wife. Lol.)

  2. I admit I'd never given The Joker's sexuality much thought, but now agree with paperbackprincess. Queer heroes would be more beneficial than another villain?

    1. I thought he was straight b/c a) Harley's his girlfriend (for a while at least,) and b) heteronormativity.

      So true! We need more awesome Queer heroes! (Like in the CW Arrowverse TV shows which I will continually rec. people from now until the end of time!)


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