Sunday 18 November 2018

Nerd Church - Hope in the Butt-End of the 2010s (or, the News is Always Awful, But We Can Still Smile Sometimes)

"Have you seen the news?"

"No... what's happened now?"

collage pic with TV icon, social media icons, newspapers, microphone, etc.

...We all dread it.

Because everything in the world just seems to be going downhill continually.

The news wasn't exactly sunshine and rainbows before, but now it looks more like those sketches Mitchell and Webb did about The Event.

(Warning: SEVERE flashing images, flashbacks/PTSD, v. dark humour)

For those of you not able to watch it - imagine a British-comedy Hunger Games in someone's 1970s-themed basement.

That's basically what those sketches are.

So how on Earth do we keep going with the barrages of negativity accosting us on a daily basis?

It's not easy.

But we cling onto hope.

We grab it, and we point-blank refuse to let it go.

Because where's there's life there's hope, and where there's hope there's life.

And maybe I sound idealistic and naïve, but sometimes we need idealism.

We need the light to keep burning regardless of how dark it gets.

(This is the part where I remind you that I'm a walking contradiction of both cynicism and positivity! I've yet to figure out whether I'm a cynical optimist, or an optimistic cynic. Maybe both?)

(This is also the part where I remind you I was raised by hippies - I can't help it.)

'But Cee!' I metaphorically hear you cry for the purposes of my rhetorical device, 'where can you find hope in the butt-end of the 2010s?!'

(I blame 2016 for this. I think we all do.)

Ahhhh, but that's the thing - the world is wonderfully terrible, but also terribly wonderful.

All the things that make life awesome - largely the little things, and little-ly the large things - are still there!

Awesome people like you, dearest nerdlets, exist! Kitties exist! Dogs exist! Sunshine exists! Smiles exist! Music exists! Books exist!

Wonderful things can and do exist.

And finding even one reason to smile on a bad day is fantastic. Hell, finding even one reason to smile on any day is fantastic!

In the world that we live in, finding happiness despite the odds is a victory against all those who would make you miserable.

I get that it's hard dearest nerdlets, but there are beautiful people in this world working on making it a better place.

Fear does not win. Hatred does not win.

Hope wins. Love wins. Happiness wins.

Go be amazing - I believe in all of you. Because whether you believe it or not, I know how incredible and wonderful you are.

What are some ways you stay happy in the current sh**-fest?
Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. I agree that everyone should try to find the good in every bad. There is always something bad going on around us , but we have to recognize and try to see how we can change it . One of the reasons why I stopped watching the news is because I got tired of the negativity. The news made me feel hopeless. Now when I watch it I try to be more appreciative of my life because it made me realize things could be worse. Good post thanks for sharing .

    1. I still watch the news - you gotta know what you're fighting! - but I try not to spend too long watching it or checking news websites, etc. I try to limit my news consumption! It's so easy to just let the negativity take over.

      Thanks so much! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. What makes me happy when the world is going to shit are tv shows. They are the perfect form of escapism and often share stories about the world that need to be heard.

    1. Thanks Em!

      Awesome! Keep watching those TV shows you love! :) <3 <3 <3

  3. One of my goals for 2019 is find a way to manage my anxiety so I can watch the news again, I've been literally living under a rock

    1. Rocks aren't so bad ;)

      Maybe give yourself 10 mins a day to look at a website, and then completely ignore it the rest of the time!

  4. I agree that we all need to just try to hold onto a little positivity in today's world---and find the good where we can!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Hold onto it and REFUSE to let it go dammit! *slightly hysterical laughter* ;)

  5. Love this! So true. Hope and happiness win out, even when things are crazy like they are now. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. That's one of the reasons I feel like entertainment---books, movies, etc., those things that some people like to say are unnecessary---are so important. I mean, they're important for many reasons, but one is that they bring us joy, and that's important. It helps us keep going!


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