Thursday 24 January 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - To Escape This Old World

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Comics! Superheroes! Trailers! Links!

Let's do this! :)

Film Trailers

There's a new li'l trailer for SHAZAM! which continues to totally baffle me - is this good or trash? 😕

I'm hoping for good, obviously, and it def. has potential... but it could also turn into something only enjoyed by white boys aged 8-12. Let's hope the latter doesn't happen. 😅

(Warning: flashing images)

Other Stuff

First thing's first: Black Panther has 7 Oscar Nominations, including for Best Picture!

Hopefully that will very firmly end the argument that Black-led stories aren't beneficial for big companies to make.
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Screen Rant's Ryan George has made another awesome Pitch Meeting - this time for the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

(Warning: SPOILERS for Infinity War, flashing images)

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And, to finish off this week, here's a look at comics vs. female anatomy/personhood by S W Sondheimer @ Book Riot

Do you think Black Panther has a chance at the Best Picture Oscar?
Do you think there's a problem with how women are drawn in comics?
Talk to me! 😄💬

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'To escape this old world' is from King of the Clouds by Panic! At the Disco

Last updated: 5th Feb 2019


  1. I have to say, I was shocked when Black Panther was nominated for best picture, but mostly because the academy seems to only have a taste for drama and comedies, and they never pay much attention to superhero movies at all! To be honest, I don’t think it will win because of this taste, but I applaud it for being the first superhero movie nominated for best picture! It’s also an outstanding achievement in Black filmmaking!

    1. I think it'd be a longshot to win, for sure. But it's awesome that it got the nomination it damn well deserves! (Although, I think that a few of the actors should also have had individual nominations, tbh!)


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