Thursday 10 January 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - Symmetry In Shadows I Can't Hide

F**k yeah! It's 2019, I'm blasting my Heavy Metal playlist. Let's do this!

Comics Wrap-Up title image with manga-style woman handing her living-shadow a flower

So, here it is, the first comics-y-ness post of 2019, featuring superhero shenanigans and all that jazz!

Film Trailers

Ok, this first bit is Avengers territory, so there may be some SPOILERS lurking.

If you wanna avoid all sorts of tricksy spoilers, skip ahead to the Captain Marvel deal-y. K? K.


And you can't tell me that Steve's reactions in this trailer aren't 100% related to Bucky being dusted.

Like dude, he's gonna re-write reality or whatever other sh** they come up with in order to bring his WW2 boyfriend back from the great beyond. JUST LET THEM KISS ALREADY!!!!

Warning: flashing images and SPOILERAGE.


I'm f**king PUMPED for this one guys! A kick-a** lady heroine WHOSE COSTUME COVERS HER VITAL ORGANS!!!!

And the main trailer has the Nick Fury snuggling a ginger kitty moment I didn't know I needed in my life (turns out I totally did!)

Warning: flashing images

...aaaaaaaannnd some mini-trailers

Warning: flashing images

Graphic Novels

I read a butt-tonne of manga over Christmas, and I'm particularly lovin' the Legal Drug series from manga collective CLAMP.

Also published as Lawful Drug, and continuing in the series Drug and Drop, this is about two dudes who work in a pharmacy... only the pharmacy also handles special magic-y-mystic-y jobs for those who need those services.

Despite the iconography, this isn't marijuana-based unless you wanna read it that way! It is trippy af though!

I absolutely love both the magic-y aspects and the slow burn M/M (Yaoi, Boy's Love, whatever you wanna call it...) going on 😊

Other Stuff

The hilarious folks at Screen Junkies have done an Honest Trailer for Venom!

(And you all know I love me some Venom!)

Warning: SPOILERS, flashing images, adult and dark humour

dividing line
And last but not least is the news that Letitia Wright, who played the amazing Shuri in Black Panther, has been nominated for a BAFTA Rising Star Award!

Which are you more excited for - Avengers: End Game, or Captain Marvel?
Have you read any good manga lately?
Talk to me! ❤💬

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  1. Still haven’t seen Infinity War :( But I will eventually!! I am very excited for Captain Marvel though. I love Brie Larson so much!

    1. You get to it when you get to it Em :) YASSS!!!! Captain Marvel!!!!! XD


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