Friday 11 January 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Digging For Victory

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Hello 2019! We got fanfiction, we got Bucky Bear, let's get down to it!

'Theoretically, she knew he must go other places sometimes, but it didn't seem to happen often, and from his overall air of nervousness, he seemed to be uncomfortable with it too.'

One of my favourite things on this planet is fanfiction which uses self-care and general mental-health recovery as its focus.

When the character involved just so happens to be my Bucky-bear, aka Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, it's like icing on the cake.

(In related news, I'm hungry and would very much like some cake, with or without icing.)

I think that one of my favourite things about this fic is that Bucky isn't just a stack of symptoms with a name.

He's a person - a person who is channelling stuff that his friends can't even imagine into something simple, normal, and constructive.

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...I love this gif at a fundamental level that I can't explain

Now, I'm sure as f**k not interested in gardening - there's too many spiders - but I get it.

Projects - something outside yourself to work on and to see develop - are awesome for mental health.

Even more so when there's no real end to the work (like with a garden,) because it reminds you that not everything has to be rushed, and sometimes the work is the point.

'He sounded a little more relaxed now, like he'd finally managed to boot up the "social banter" side of his brain, or possibly that was just something that happened in Steve's presence.'

I also love how socially awkward Bucky is - partly because #IRelate but also partly because his social awkwardness isn't of the done-only-for-cuteness-effect variety.

Ofc, there's nothing wrong with a bit of only-for-cuteness awkwardness, but it's refreshing to see some real social awkwardness.

Like, when Bucky is completely unaware of how to act and then something clicks like, 'oh, I'm supposed to be social in this situation!'

Or when he's trying his best but looking more than a little tired of talking to this many people.

Because, yes. Just yes.

(And yeah... I do this... a freaking lot!)

I also love the way that the Avengers - especially Pepper, who provides most of the POV (point-of-view) in this fic - don't pressure him into 'being more social.'

They make offers, and they encourage Bucky whenever he seems to be interested in something.

But they are blessedly, envy-inducingly, reluctant to pressure or shame him into doing things.

Quick warning: there are mild SPOILERS for various Marvel films.

So, my first recommended fic of 2019 is:

Oasis by Sholio

'A big part of people-wrangling, she'd realized over the years, was intelligently delegating -- not just passing off tasks to people, but giving them tasks that made them shine, and made them realize they could shine'

Do you like self-care focussed fanfiction?
How do you feel social awkwardness is treated in books/films/whatever?
Talk to me! 😎💬 

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  1. I often find that social awkwardness isn’t portrayed correctly in typical tv shows and movies, mainly because the person always seems to overcome it, become popular, or get the love interest. This is not always the case in real life (I am a prime example) so I’m glad you related well to this fic!

    1. I don't understand why popularity or romance is so often the 'end goal' in that type of story - like, being able to get on a train without freaking out is my end goal dammit!


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